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TSh 2,500,000

German Shepherd puppies for sale

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The puppies were born on 12 July, 2019. However, you may collect a puppy no sooner than on 01 October, 2019 as they need to grow stronger before they can be separated from the mother. But you can choose in advance. There are 8 boys and one girl, the girl is already booked.

Please remember that buying a dog, especially a German shepherd, is not trifling. You are assuming a responsibility for the next 9-13 years (average life expectancy of this breed). Keeping a German shepherd requires time, energy and money. Think well before contacting me.

About the parents: Both mother and father are award-winning purebred, long-haired, German shepherds, born in Siberia (Russia). The color is show quality black-and-tan.

The father is the champion of CIS countries (obedience), 2017. His photos in the attachment.

Neither maternal, nor fraternal lines have ever had any mixtures with other breeds - only purebred, long-haired German shepherds.

Both mother and father are loyal, obedient and intelligent. They love children.

Our dogs have never been chained and spend most of their time on the lawn. We spend a lot of time with them, training and walking them regularly. Their diets are individually chosen for each dog and is perfectly balanced.

About the puppies: excellent, healthy and happy puppies with no defects of whatever nature. Exact weight measurements have been made two times a day since their day of birth. They are being raised in excellent hygienic and temperature conditions. Starting from 4 weeks we started to give them Royal Canin for large breed. We neve give any substandard dog food.

Immunizations and dehelmintization will be done at the age of 6 weeks. Valid, internationally recognizable passports will be issued.

The price is fixed - TSH 2,5 million. This price is non-negotiable and no discounts will be provided. Here is why:

  1. If you can not afford to buy a dog for this amount - perhaps you should choose another breed. Keeping a German shepherd is costly. If you can not afford to buy it for this amount, it is unlikely that you will be able to cover the daily nutrition and other costs (veterinary, training, etc.). It is important for us that our dogs end up in a family where they will be loved and cared for.

In Tanzania, average monthly upkeep costs for a German shepherd is USD 300-350 per month.

  1. A female German shepherd dog can deliver healthy puppies once in 2.5 years, i.e. two times in a lifetime (we do not take into account the period when she is too young or too old for bearing). To deliver comfortably and safely, she needs lots of special nutrition and vitamins while expecting, if properly taken care for. The price for these puppies partially covers these costs.

  2. The parents of our puppies are fed not only with premium-brand dog food, but also they get chicken breasts, cheese, vitamins, fresh vegetables, etc.

  3. We have two special staff members who are working full time to make sure that the dogs needs are met - they are daily groomed, cleaned, entertained, etc. Another employee is specifically responsible for feeding the puppies.

  4. It takes 6-8 hours per day to take care of the puppies. Each one is fed individually. Our staff is trimming and grooming them daily, their matting is changed several times a day, the weight measurements are regularly taken and recorded, etc.

  5. The dog food is imported straight from the USA. Getting the food for large breed puppies is currently impossible in Kilimanjaro or Arusha.

  6. The dogs will have all necessary vaccinations and veterinary passports by the time they are ready to be taken by new owners (1st October, 2019).

Other conditions:

  • We never sale dogs for being chained;
  • We never sale dogs for kennels
  • You need to have a spacious area for keeping a dog
  • You should follow our dog keeping recommendations (proper nutrition, training, developmental toys, etc.)

Together with the puppy you will get:

  • Our dog keeping recommendations and schedule of the mandatory vaccinations;
  • A new book regarding the training of German Shepherds;
  • International veterinary passport;
  • Premium-brand dog food for two weeks;
  • Collar and lead;
  • New toys for your dog (individually chosen - the ones that the puppy likes) to minimize the stress of moving to a new place;

Remember, German shepherds are one of the smartest and most intelligent breeds. Many tasks, that they are able to perform, are reflex-based (i.e. protecting the owner’s family or the house). Yet, not even the most expensive or the smartest dog in the world can fully develop its skills without the owner’s care, focus and regular training.

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