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Free shipping Z45819 Sharp fully automatic electric washing machine ES-55E6-KB / 5.5kg / Beautiful item with blast drying

Manufacturer: SHARP (Sharp)
Product Name: fully automatic electric washing machine
part number: ES-55E6-KB

☆ Original point: "Ag + water supply"
             "wait a minute dehydration course" installed

[Clean with less black mold. Moreover, water saving and speedy "Moldy tub without holes"]
◆ Since there are no holes in the washing tub, waste water is cut. Sharp's original "holeless tank"
◆ Washing speedily. "Fly Pal" with a round bottom and different wings on the inside and outside

["Ag + ion coat" that continues while the deodorant effect of clothes is worn]
◆ The sterilizing and deodorizing effect of clothes continues not only immediately after washing but also during drying and storage / wearing
◆ Resin part in the washing tub It also suppresses mold.

["High-concentration cleaning" that firmly removes stubborn stains]
◆ By starting washing with a concentrated detergent solution with a small amount of water, cleaning power is drawn out and stubborn stains are strongly decomposed

["Blower drying" that can shorten the drying time]
◆ "Blower drying" that removes moisture from clothes by rotating the tank at high speed and taking in air from the suction port of the upper lid
◆ Significantly shortens the time until clothes dry it can. "Indoor drying course" utilizing blast drying

◇ External dimensions: Width 565 x Depth 535 x Height 898 (mm / width includes drain hose, height includes water supply hose) / Mass: Approx. 32 kg
◇ Washing / dehydrating capacity: 5.5 kg / Body width: 520 mm / Can be installed Waterproof pan: Inner dimension depth 507 mm or more

It will be a beautiful product.

It will be used.

The thing and the state of the image are all.

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