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Portable Microphone

Ilala, Mchafukoge Dar Es Salaam
Maelezo ya Bidhaa
Bei Maelewano

1.The microphone does not use headhones/earphones with wheat ,because the headhones/earphones and microphone would conflict with wheat arising from noise!

2.Do not charge the phone when the dsc of a microphone ,otherwise there will be currert sound!

3.If the recorded songs sound small ,or there is a slight squesk, beacuse the cable is not connected good reason ,according to the above method of inspection control ,re-connection.

4.Do not use the 0-3 year -old children alone,For your parents to accompany the next use.

5.Apple's system supports listen sing.Listen to the playback(sound effects as Awesome)Andrews after only the first recording.

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