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Se001[ National laundry dryer NA-FV550]National* attached hose equipped ◎ clean. ◎

  • product number NA-FV550
  • laundry *. water capacity 5.5kg
  • dry capacity 2.8kg
  • laundry hour 113L
  • laundry ~ dry hour ※198L
  • body size ( width × height × depth )(.* drainage hose contains )562×1028×570mm
  • body mass approximately 35kg
  • water service water supply hose , external drainage hose is attached

※ exterior is very beautiful condition . Special writing brush ... scratch etc. is is not .
contents concerning . last. washing etc. is we don't do ., beautiful person. .
however, to the end secondhand goods . .
use year number . degree etc. .. difference is is there, but suitable use impression . is .
completion goods . seeking person , condition . nervous one. please refrain from the tender .
parts. damage , loss , repair modified. availability etc. is even here catch is not possible point equipped therefore , certainly photograph . please verify .
basically present condition delivery becomes therefore , no claim no return, please .
understanding . after consent , bid .. for please .

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