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Lodge manager vacancy

Kilombero Morogoro
Maelezo ya Bidhaa
Tarehe ya Mwisho Kutuma Maombi
Kiwango cha mshahara (Shilingi)
1,000,001 - 1,500,000
Jina la Mwajiri / Kampuni
Udzungwa Falls Ltd
Aina ya Kampuni
Burudani na Ukarimu
Aina ya Majukumu
Ngazi ya Management
Aina ya nafasi
Mwajiriwa wa kudumu
Uzoefu wa miaka
Miaka 5
Number of Positions


The lodge managers purpose is to create a profound guest experience in line with the service vision and creative concepts of the lodge - the focus is to manage the day to day operations of the lodge in order to meet with the specified standards, objectives and policies of the lodge.

The lodge manager must drive the appropriate service directives for the lodge and move the departments towards achieving the set goals.

The lodge must be monitored so that the running cost are efficient and within the agreed budget

The lodge manager is also responsible to ensure the morale of the lodge staff is kept at high level

The lodge manager is accountable to the director of administration.


• Must have a minimum of five years working experience from a well organized luxury hotel as a manager

• Must have financial management ability

• Hard working co-operative and passionate to the industry

• High standards of services [ excellence ]

• Computer literate

• Can communicate well in English and one other language

• Excellent management and communication skills

• A clear understanding of basic labour laws and disciplinary procedures and developmental approach towards staff


• The main duty of the lodge Manager will be to generate money. An Annual Budget and Business Plan have to be developed. Able to formulate plans for the lodge according to the annual goals and guide lines provided by the administration

• Able to implement plans actively during the course of a year

• To ensure that all staff have clear understanding of their tasks and done in the lodges required standard

• Maintain an eagle eye on guest feedback and take action where necessary

• It is the duty of the lodge manager to install a strong marketing profile including active approaches to tourism industry in order to boost visitor numbers.

• The income and expenses should be monitored and the Annual Budget should be used as a guideline to manage the lodge.

• The lodge Manager must manage the lodge on a day to day basis and ensure that tasks are implemented on time and according to the budget and required scope and quality.

• The lodge Manager will have to manage all the assets to its full potential in order to ensure a good income.

• Ensure quality standards for infrastructure and technical maintenance of The lodge.

• All the lodge policies and laws of the country should be monitored and enforced by the lodge Manager in alignment with Human resources and Tourism grading’s.

• The lodge Manager will have to develop a long and short term operational plan, to ensure the lodges sustainability as a tourism attraction.

• It is also the duty of the lodge manager to do selection of qualified staff.

• The lodge manager needs to provide status updates to the Director of administration of the company including immediate escalation of key issues where necessary.

• The lodge manager will carry supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and the applicable laws.

• It is the lodge Managers responsibility to maintain a good working relationship with the other companies.

• The lodge manager will have to involve the financial department in the bookkeeping of the lodge.

• It will be the duty of the lodge Manager to manage the business, using the following skills: Planning, organizing, implementing, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

• Invoicing clients, stock take, promoting lodge and customer satisfaction will be part of the lodge Manager’s responsibilities.

Other roles and responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time

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