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keiserhoff cookers pots

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suitable for all types of heating - gas, glass-ceramic, halogen, induction
material high-quality stainless steel 18/10
silver color
silver all-stainless steel handles
stainless steel cover with a hole for easy steam escape
The set contains:

frying pan diameter 16 cm x 10.5 cm, volume 2.1 L + stainless steel cover
pot diameter 16 cm x 10.5 cm, volume 2.1 L + stainless steel lid
pot diameter 18 × 11.5 cm, volume 2.9 L + stainless steel lid
pot diameter 20 cm x 12.5 cm, volume 3.9 L + stainless steel lid
pot diameter 24 cm x 14.5 cm, volume 6.5 L + glass-stainless steel lid
Frying pan diameter 24 cm x 7.5 cm, volume 3.4 L + stainless steel lid
Suitable for all types of stoves, including induction.

Induction: Dishes for induction do not have to be special, they only need to have a ferromagnetic bottom , because under the glass-ceramic plate there is an induction copper coil and in it a high-frequency current creates an alternating magnetic field. Thus, the metal molecules oscillate in the ferromagnetic bottom of the vessel, it is heated and then the food prepared from it. You know the induction dishes very well. At its bottom, you will find a graphic symbol of the coil - several wavy lines on top of each other, or the word Induction.

Energy is saved during cooking thanks to shorter heating, but also by adjusting the cooking zone to the size of the dishes, only the bottom is heated. Induction thus has more than 90% efficiency , while glass-ceramic cooking zones approximately 60% and gas 50%.

Induction has the great advantage that after removing the dishes, the plate ends immediately with heating , no manual shutdown is required. The coil under the plate simply needs a "partner" for electromagnetic induction.

Use of pots and pans on induction cookers

Glass-ceramic hob: it also saves electricity. The boards are divided into several stages, from ordinary boards with boards with a high-light zone to boards with induction heating. High-light is a zone on a glass-ceramic hob where it heats up very quickly. The cooking time is shortened and it reacts faster to changes in temperature. The most suitable dishes for this type of cooking are dishes with a strong ground bottom. It can be made of stainless steel, enamelled or glass.

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