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Human Resources and business development - vacancy

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This post needs a Employee who can coordinate various projects with different needs from Food Manufacturing, Education, Hospitality and Tourism towards the same Goal.

Duties and responsibilities

i. Recruiting and staffing: To coordinate and hire all employees from all projects. This includes advertising employment posts, reviewing applications, organizing interviews, interviewing employees, selecting employees and preparing contracts.

ii. To coordinate the process of employee resignations, termination, and leaves - including coordinating disciplinary hearings.

iii. To manage benefits, including the health insurance benefit, social welfare plans for all employees.

iv. To process recommendations for the discipline and/or termination of employees, assembling substantiating information, arranging and conducting conferences and hearings.

v. To manage grievances and cases which result in arbitration and mediation with regards to employees.

vi. To assist in negotiations with certified bargaining units to arrive at a mutually satisfactory agreement on wages, hours and working conditions of employees represented by the bargaining units.

vii. To prepare and review various contracts of the company in relations to employees matters.

viii. Supervise and coordinate with outside counsel representing the company in labour matters

ix. Developing and maintaining a system of personnel records for all company employees in order to provide a comprehensive, efficient, accurate and current record of all matters pertinent to employment, transfer, tenure, retirement, leaves, promotion, discipline, demotion, etc.

x. Process team building, seminars and workshop to support on job training to support the staff

xi. Preparing work permits, residents permits when need arise

xii. He/she must undertakes to serve under the direction of The Director of Administration and will carry out all reasonable requests as directed by the Senior Management Team.

xiii. The Employee shall manage appraisal and motivation scheme as well as periodical meetings with staff from time to time in collaboration with respective project manager

xiv. The Employee shall perform such duties in connection with the internal organisation of The School and any other duties which may from time to time be assigned to him/her by The Director of Administration.

xv. The Employee shall be bound by all the staff regulations in force including but not limited to professional dressing within the company

xvi. The Employee shall in all respect endeavour to promote the interests of The company and in no way whatsoever, willingly perform or cause to be performed any act or acts which are detrimental to the interests of the Company. In such event The Employee will face disciplinary procedures.

xvii. During the period of his/her employment, the Employee shall devote the whole of their time and attention to the company and shall not, except with written permission from The Director of Administration, engage in any other employment or business.

xviii. Furthermore, The Employee shall keep all information relating to the Company strictly confidential and in no way divulge such information during the course of employment with the company to any person. Electronic information remains the property of the Company and must never be copied or shared.

xix. Evaluates reports, decisions and results of department initiatives in relation to established goals.

xx. Recommends new approaches, policies and procedures to effect continual improvements in efficiency of department and services performed.

xxi. Ensures compliance with all employment laws.


Business oriented

Good Communication skills.


Ability to Evaluate and monitor

Global & Cultural Awareness.

HR Expertise

Labour Laws & Disciplinary Procedures.

Leadership & Navigation.

Relationship Management.


Great Ethical conduct.

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