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bread slicer machine

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Clatronic Metal all-purpose cutter MA 3585
With the right tools in the kitchen, it is not only pleasant to be there to do all the work, but also to save a lot of time. Fortunately, there is plenty of choice in the form of kitchen machines such as the Clatronic Metal multi-purpose cutter MA 3585, which is multifunctional and can of course be used for more purposes. Just think of cutting sandwich fillings and even vegetables. Those who bake their own bread will be helped a lot with this machine. all slices come neatly cut from the cutting machine and it is always a pleasure to see it again and again. Those who prefer to buy uncut bread at the bakery will also enjoy the Clatronic Metal slicer MA 3585. The thickness is adjustable and the speed can be infinitely adjusted. Cleaning is also done quickly thanks to the material used and the smart design. Thanks to its compact dimensions, storage is no problem and the machine is ready to be used again within a few seconds.

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