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Deputy Principal

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Job Purpose

- The overall responsibility of the Deputy Principal is to assist the Principal in the management of the school.

- Besides the discharge of specific administrative and management duties, the Deputy Principal also exercises a leadership and motivational role in the direction of the school enterprise. Together the Principal and Deputy Principal form the senior management team of the school, he/she must work in tandem to fulfil the aims and objectives of the school. That teamwork is also broadened to include the post holders to form part of the management team and the staff whose co-operation and commitment are also vital to the achievement of the goals of the school.

- The Deputy Principal may be required to deputize for the Principal in his/her absence in all matters organizational/administrative and in relation to discipline within the school.

- To include an awareness and understanding of organization; counseling skills; interviewing skills (in appraisal, counseling selection for appointment, disciplinary procedures); team leader group dynamics; leadership, management of change; maintenance of morale; decision making; Personal organization strategies; organizational planning and administration; delegation and resolving of conflict.

Key Responsibilities

The Deputy Principal will be required to undertake a diversity of duties, which may include.

Management Duties

- Assisting the Principal with taking appropriate responsibility for the school

- In the absence of the Principal and must be willing to work in conjunction with/under the direction of the Principal. The Deputy Principal shall act as Principal when the Principal is absent, assuming the responsibilities and authority of the Principal’s role. The Deputy Principal shall not, however, have automatic right of succession to the post of Principal or Acting Principal.

- Overlooking all academic, administrative and operational activities of the school, which is based on agreed areas of responsibility or a delegated list of duties.

- Assist the Principal in promoting ongoing staff and development and in-service and in the identification of the staffing needs of the school.

- Assisting the Principal in coordinating the school plan and policies for approval by the CBE Board.

- Assist the Principal in developing a school environment which is supportive of learning and high achievement among the students.

- Assist the Principal in developing the education aims and objectives of the school and devising strategies to achieve them.

- Uphold professional integrity at all times –discretion, confidentiality, loyalty, and trust.

- Promote effective teaching and learning practices across the school.

- Supporting the development of the educational aims and objectives of the school and strategies to achieve them, which will include acting as academic monitor along with the Principal.

- The Deputy Principal ensures that the Board policies are adhered to and assists in the development of the school curriculum, school policies and School Development Plan.

- Attend meetings with the Principal and other Deputy Principal, to plan coordinate and evaluate events in the school.

Curriculum and Syllabus

- Co-coordinating and implementing an appropriate curriculum having regard to the varying need, experience, interests, aptitudes and stage of development of all the pupils in the school and the resources available to the school.

- Lead and coordinate work within the school on curriculum development.

- Develop and provide appropriate learning and curriculum programmes and methods of instruction that meet the needs of all students in the school and timetabling to support them.

Student Management

- Maintaining a policy for pupil’s behavior and discipline and maintaining such rules and codes of conduct for pupils as required for the maintenance of order and discipline within the school.

- Taking all possible steps to ensure the safety and welfare of all pupils in the school while on the school site and while engaged in authorized activities off the site.

- Assist the principal in matters of student discipline, in the promotion of good order and general supervision.

- Preparing, analyzing and presenting results in student performance in standardized tests in both the academic and wellbeing area of student life for consultation with the principal and management teams. This will involve the tracking of student performance over time, setting targets, putting procedures and programmes in place to address underperformance, over performance and stress related issues that may arise.

- Monitoring of student outcomes relative to potential indicated in standardized tests.

Staff Management

- The deployment and management of members of staff.

- To ensure that teachers adhere to the norms of Teachers Service, Regulations and handle teachers disciplinary matters.

- Be responsible for monitoring staff attendance at work place /class rooms and in all school programs and deployment and management of members of staff.

- Assist the Principal in supporting the monitoring and evaluation of teaching and learning across the school and contribute to school self-evaluation and the development of improvement plans

- Assist the Principal in recruiting of teaching and all staff pertaining to the school

- Be responsible for the roster of absent teachers and the implementation of and monitoring of the Supervision and Substitution Scheme.

- The development of ongoing training for staff in the use of ICT to enhance teaching and learning.

- Advising substitute/student teachers re: discipline policy, supporting teachers in dealing with discipline.

- Conduct staff evaluations as necessary and assisting in yearly teacher evaluations, assisting in providing guidance to staff and students, and encouraging a positive climate in the school

- Assisting the Principal in the selection and recruitment processes of new staff and induction.

- Liaise with external monitoring personnel and coordinate in-service for staff in the new specifications for subject areas.

Administrative Duties/Reports

- Assist in planning and overseeing of the daily time tabling of classes and/or assist in matters of student discipline

- Assist with the enrolment/assessment.

- Participate in preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual School Implementation Reports.

- Prepare a summary of results of the Exams for the Board of Management.

- Assist the Principal at and being available for the duration of the examinations

- The Deputy Principal will be required to be in attendance for days during the school year when the Board of Management of the school determines that the school should be open for pupils and in accordance with Department of Education and Skills regulations.

- Notwithstanding the maximum number of teaching hours, the Deputy Principal will normally be required to be in attendance in the school throughout the school day.

- The Deputy Principal will be required by the Management to be present in the school for periods during the Examinations and for other reasonable periods outside of the normal hours and days of the school such as may be necessary from time to time.

- The Deputy Principal shall be consulted by the Principal about the implementation of policy in the school and shall assist the Principal with the day-to-day running of the school.

- Co-ordination, consultation and supervision of the production of school newsletters with relevant personnel in school.

Other Responsibilities

- Establish and maintain effective data management systems, such as student records, teacher records, attendance, purchasing and maintenances procedures and routines.

- In meeting parents relating to disciplinary and other matters.

- In meeting the Ancillary Staff and Service Providers regularly, dealing with disciplinary issues and other matters that may arise and consulting with the Principal on same

- Resolving conflicts between students, teachers, parents or combinations of conflicts between various individuals

- Such other tasks as may reasonably be assigned by the Principal.

Education & Experience

- Graduate degree (M. Ed or equivalent), plus 7 years related experience and/or training, and 4 years related management experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience.

- Knowledge of and experience in contemporary management practices in schools including:

• Strategic design, planning and implementation

• Change management

• Staff professional development and appraisal

• Marketing and communications

• Commercial management –financial, asset management, risk and compliance

• Project management

• Stakeholder relationship development and management – parents, alumni and community

• Community engagement – locally, nationally and internationally


- High level of proficiency in planning and organizational skills

- Strong leadership /interpersonal skills /Organisational and Administrative Skills

- Excellent communication and analytical skills

- Experience of computer-based systems and management information systems

- Demonstrate up-to-date teaching competence and excellence

- Demonstrate strong track record in continuous and ongoing personal and professional development

- A track record of success in building highly effective teams within and across departments/sections and functions of a school/organization.

- A well informed understanding of contemporary learning practices, research and pedagogy.

- An ability to ensure that pastoral care is fully integrated within the curriculum to support, inspire and challenge students to explore new horizons, develop resilience and self-confidence and accept the notion of personal responsibility and respect for others.

- Superior intellect that is demonstrated by highly developed research, oral and written communication skills.

- A capacity to build high quality relationships that engender trust and respect with key stakeholders in a school environment.

Key Relationships:

- All in the school

- Secretariat

- Principal

- Heads of Discipline

- Resource Coordinator

Key Performance Indicators:

- Increased enrolment or where capacity is reached, over subscription or waiting list.

- Improvement in student performance indicated by results chart

- High levels of staff morale and this is indicated by staff stability, declining levels of absences.

- General improvement in professionalism and usage of a wider range of modern teaching methods incorporating ICT.

- Improved spirit of teamwork among staff members – lower levels of conflict.

- High levels of accountability and optimal use of school resources. Lower ratios of budget per student expenditure without compromising quality.

- Innovation and initiative systems of working to improve performance or management

- Number of Inset programmes put in place.

- Improved discipline indicated by low levels of discipline cases indicated by declining graph.

- General improvement in professionalism.

- Improved spirit of teamwork among staff members – lower levels of conflict.

- Evidence of professional learning communities being established within all learning area teams.

- A documented and coordinated whole school professional learning program which is aligned to the School Improvement Plan and the Annual Action Plan.

- A process for feedback to staff and the development of a professional learning community where good practices are shared.

- Feedback from surveys and forums showing improvement in student engagement in their learning.

- Evidence of highly functioning teams.

Note: Qualified Women are strongly encouraged to apply

The overall responsibility of the Deputy Principal is to assist the Principal in the management of the school.

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