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Urithi Tanga Museum

Tanga Mjini Tanga Independence Avenue (next to the Tanga Library), Tanga, Tanzania
About Us

Urithi Tanga Museum is a project of URITHI - The Tanga Heritage Centre. URITHI's mission is to preserve and promote Tanga's heritage and to make use of the heritage for community development.
Urithi Tanga Museum is established in the conserved former Regional Administration building (built in the 1890s by the Imperial German Colonial Administration during the then German East Africa). The building, built using coral stone, lime and sand was fully rehabilitated and conserved by URITHI using expert technicians from the Zanzibar Stone Town. Once the conservation work was complete, URITHI was granted the use of the building for a museum dedicated to the heritage of Tanga. Photo exhibits on Tanga's Historical Architecture and Buildings and the Sisal Industry are on display. Other exhibits are under preparation. The Museum Building is also open for viewing, from the basement to the watch-tower including the two floors.

Urithi Tanga Museum
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