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Stanley's Kopje

Mikumi National Park
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Stanley's Kopje 'Camp fires and warm hospitality create a relaxing bush atmosphere against which to experience the thrill of being close to the multitudes of wild animals in timeless Africa.'

This is the only small, personalised camp in Mikumi and, set up on a rocky kopje on the Mkata flood plain; it presides over the best game viewing area of the park, the Mwanamboga waterhole.
Not only is Mikumi a great place for 'getting your eye in' on game drives, but it is also a fantastically colourful place. The open grasslands stretching out before you change through the spectrum of orange and yellows throughout the day - a photographer?s paradise!

There are high concentrations of game, with large herds of Nyasa Blue Wildebeest, (not found in Ruaha National Park), buffalo, impala, zebra and giraffe. Where there are large herds, there are always plenty of predators waiting for dinner. You can even find a population of Wild Hunting Dog.

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Stanley's Kopje
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