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Jambiani Wellness Centre

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The Jambiani Wellness Centre, Zanzibar, Tanzania

What began as a casual visit to the island of Zanzibar and in particular to the village of Jambiani by Alastair and Pat in 1997, has given birth to a co-operative relationship between the Zanzibar Revolutionary Government, the Ministry of Health, the Jambiani Community Development Committee and the Hands across Borders Society (HABS).

This collaboration has paved the way for the establishment of the first Chiropractic/Multidisciplinary Wellness Centre in East Africa with Dr. Feroz as a Chiropractor.

With many doctors already expressing interest and some signed up to go, it looks like this is destined to become a big success.

It is a tremendous opportunity not only for those people in need of care on Zanzibar and on the mainland, but also for those daring individuals who choose to get involved.

The experience is bound to touch the lives of everyone, as people bridge the cultural gap and get to know one

Jambiani Wellness Centre
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