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About Us

B-Connect is the newly established entity to connect professionals (experts) and Employers (those with jobs or tasks to be done by professionals).

How it works:

For Professionals/Experts

Submit your current CV to B-Connect and you will be connected to employers. You will be contacted whenever we get a job or task that suits you as per your education qualification and experience. Once you complete a task given you get paid as Service contract signed.

For Employers

B-Connect has a thousands pool of professionals/expert who can perform any task that you have in any field. Whenever you have any task/job kindly submit it to us and it will be done on time in efficient and effective manner. When submitting a task specify your budget, the amount you pay for the task to be done.

Employer will pay amount to B-Connect client account, it is an account that will hold the money for employer before being released by mutual agreement between Employer and B-Connect. The money will be released after Employer's job/task completed.

Professionals/Experts will be paid for the job done after money released from B-Connect client account.

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