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**Welcome to Alessandro Tours & Safari** **PHYSICAL ADDRESS AND REGISTERED OFFICE:** **Plot no 297 Block X Levolosi, Arusha City.** **P.O. Box 10337, Arusha, Tanzania.** **AND** **_Also we have a curio shop which is located inside Mount Meru Hotel which is the only five star hotel in the city of Arusha. The hotel faces a mountain with the same name i.e. Mount Meru , the second highest mountain in Tanzania at 4,566 meters above sea level._**
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“You may hear of the Big Five before going on Safari, from an old book, or from a nature documentary. Today, they are five of the animals which people most want to see while on Safari. One hundred years ago, amid pith helmets, mosquito boots, and 'darkest Africa', the Big Five were the most sought after animals to hunt. They were the fiercest, the most dangerous animals; the animals that would hunt the hunter.

Explorers of East Africa went home with stories of lions and leopards in the tall African grass, of rhinos that would charge at the mere smell of a person, of the buffalo hidden in the bushes, and of the terrors of an enraged elephant.
Today, of course, the hunt

Alessandro Tours and Safaris
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