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5 Luesa Groups Limited

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About Us

Outsource Sales & Marketing Services
We help clients grow faster than the market.
Ensuring a constant flow of new business is essential to every organisation. We provide complete outsourced sales solutions to both SMEs and large organisations; a seamless service with all of the benefits and none of the challenges.

Why Outsource Sales and Marketing Services?
*A flexible team with a wide variety of skills enabling a business capable of reacting quickly to changing market conditions
*Recruitment, management, and compensation of sales personnel managed by our experts
*Immediate commercial clout provided without the long- term overheads involved with an in-house team
*No costs associated with the ongoing maintenance of your sales force, not even a phone bill
*Low ongoing cost in comparison to the cost of a full-time sales team
*Consistent price – as you grow as an organisation, associated sales costs could also rise, not with ProcessFlows
*Flexibility – whether growing your existing accounts or generating new business, ProcessFlows provides the flexibility to cover all potential revenue streams

We can provide excellent services in the following areas:
*Social media marketing
*Content creation – blogs, press releases, invitations, etc.
*Email marketing
*Marketing research
*Report creation
*Events management
*Lead generation
*Account Development
*Order Processing

Our services are not limited to the ones above. If you’d like to outsource a different service, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.
We understand that some organisations can be nervous of relinquishing direct management control over their staff. ProcessFlows have developed an approach whereby you can gain all of the benefits of an in-house team, whilst enjoying the cost advantages of using an outsourcing location. We can even employ the staff on your behalf, dealing with all recruitment and office costs, whilst you may retain the direct day-to-day managerial responsibilities.

Why Outsource with Luesa Groups Limited?
*Low-cost, low-risk way to employ additional resource – without the normal employment constraints
*Experiment with new ideas without the up-front investment
*Switch-on, switch-off – flexible resources when you need them
*Manage your resource directly or pass over processes to us and just monitor results
*Over 28 years experience of successful service delivery – for a diverse range of services with a large number of very satisfied customers
*Large variety of success stories – please click here to view some of our case studies
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5 Luesa Groups Limited
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