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Consultancy on Mid line Evaluation for EC Kijana Wajibika Program

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EC_Kijana Wajibika
Midline Evaluation

Evaluation Consultancy
Terms of Reference


Programme: EC_Kijanawajibika
Location: Dar es salaam, Kilimanjaro, Pwani, Morogoro and Iringa
Project dates (Start/End): 2016 - 2019 Restless Development goal/s: Living / SRHR / Voice / Leadership.
Thematic focus: Voice
Evaluation Budget Consultant bidding need to include an economic proposal
Type of Evaluation: Midline
Methodological approach: Mixed methods

The midline evaluation is carried out to Identify progress made on attainment of project indicators as the project approaches half of the its life span this will give insight on efficiency and effectiveness of programme implementation as well help to tighten the project design.
The main users of the evaluation results includes Restless Development, Tanzania Bora Initiative and European Commission, local government authorities and change makers. (It will be shared with and presented to our key partners, stakeholders, volunteers and beneficiaries in Tanzania).
BACKGROUND: Restless Development (formerly Student Partnerships Worldwide) is a youth-led international development agency currently working in Africa, South Asia, Australia and the UK. In Tanzania, Restless Development focuses on delivering rights-based youth development initiatives in rural and urban Tanzania using peer-to-peer education and youth volunteering to achieve its mission of “placing young people at the forefront of change and development”. Restless Development in partnership with Tanzania Bora Initiative secured fund from European Commission to implement Kijana Wajibika project; a three years project (2016-2019) targeting young men and women aged 15-35, the project seek to empower young people with knowledge, skills and networks, connect them to meaningful opportunities to participate, support them to curate official data and generate their own, then they will lead in driving accountability for commitments made by their leaders during the election period, the national development framework and Global Goals for sustainable development in five districts of Tanzania Main land; Temeke, Kibaha, Morogoro Urban, Iringa Rural and Moshi.
Main objectives
• Build a movement of youth and women who are well informed on civic rights and actively engaged in political processes
• Build the capacity of, and give space to young people to collect and analyse data on issues that impact them the most
• Build the knowledge and skills of young people to advocate for their rights and promote their advocacy messages at national level
• Build the knowledge and skills of duty bearers to listen to and respond to youth voices
There are 7 output Indicators that will be assessed during this midline evaluation geared toward realization of above specific objectives that in are;

  1. of Individual engaged in established data dissemination platform to increase access to information
  2. of media campaigns conducted to influence on youth and women rights
  3. of young men and women trained on civic issues, political processes democracy and ability to engage in accountability activities
  4. of young people young men and women engaged in data collection and analysis dissemination of information to improve advocacy and accountability
  5. of policy position studies paper or letter produced and submitted to targeted decision makers
  6. of media contents produced to increase access to information
  7. of decision makers trained on youth meaningful engagement

Theory of Change
To ward realising such an ambitious goal of Kijana Wajibika Restless Development using our proven Youth-led data-driven accountability model, we will build a network of young people at district level who are interested and active in political processes and empower them with skills to engage with and hold decision makers to account for their commitments and demanding improved policies and services specifically reflecting the needs of young men and women in Tanzania at the same time our implementing partner Tanzania Bora Initiative will be reaching large numbers of young people and women with civic education; raising their awareness by publicising and raising the wider visibility of advocacy asks coming from the Kijana Wajibika Youth Network, giving opportunity for more young people to join the campaign and ensure that these messages are more effective in reaching not only a wider public audience, but also in reaching decision makers themselves
Evaluation background
The midline evaluation will identify, review and assess the current status of Indicators for Kijana Wajibika Project within project area.
The Evaluation will pay attention to existing data from other RD recent evaluations (desk review); EC_Kijana Wajibika Baseline study, Strategy (RD strategy 2016-2020) to establish progress/change inline to specific project Indicators
The consultant will have to present a complete methodological proposal as part of the bidding process.
In any case, this section should address the key aspects listed below (and described in Evaluation ToR section 5: Methodological approach).
● Type of approach: Quantitative /Qualitative / Mixed.
● Data collection tools/sources
● Data analysis methods
● Sampling strategy
● Degree of stakeholders’ participation
The evaluator will meet the following deliverables in line with the agreed timetable (to be confirmed at the start of the consultancy):

  1. An initial evaluation work plan with clear timeframes
  2. Submission of finalised methodology and tools to Restless Development for approval prior to commencement of data collection.
  3. Plan for training of investigators (surveyors etc.)
  4. Data analysis plan
  5. Preliminary findings in tabular manner.
  6. Submission of a full report draft in electronic format to Restless Development for feedback, in line with agreed timeframe and in accordance with the format prescribed by Restless Development. NB: The body of the report excluding annexes shall not be more than 30 pages.
  7. Submission of comprehensive final report in electronic format to Restless Development, in line with the agreed timeframe, and in accordance with comments and feedback as presented by Restless Development team members.
  8. Submission of all data to Restless Development before contract end-date.
  9. Key findings brief (2-3 pages) summarizing the main findings and key learning points.
  10. A PowerPoint presentation should be made available to Restless Development delineating the findings - one which can be shared with for internal and external communication.
    This section give detail the timeline for the overall assignment’s process, including expected dates for the different stages of the work to be completed (Data collection for instance), but also very specific deadlines for milestones under each stage, and very importantly the submission dates for any deliverable described in the previous section of this ToR.
    NB.The total work may require 20 days full time of the Consultant.
    Evaluation Timeline

Activity / Milestone / Deliverable Timeframe / Deadline
Preliminary review 4th Week of May 2017
Development of the evaluation plan (ToR) 2nd Week of June 2018
External Evaluation - Recruitment process 1st Week of July 2018
Development of Data collection Tools 2nd Week of August 2018
Development of Fieldwork materials 3rd Week of August 2018
Fieldwork arrangements 4th Week of August
Data collection 4th Week of August 2018
Data analysis 2nd Week of September 2018
EVALUATION REPORTING Report development 2nd Week of September 2018
Evaluation report submission 3rd Week of September 2018
EVALUATION DISSEMINATION 4th Week of September 2018

The Senior Leadership team as advisors will provide strategic insights to the process ensuring the evaluation is focusing on those aspects, which are more relevant for the agency. MEL Manager will oversee the activities by consultant in implementation of the evaluation process. And will be expected to present the main findings and recommendations of the evaluation to the Leadership Team of Restless Development-Tanzania together with the programme team.

The consultant requirements are dependant on the assignment requested and so only the bold headings from the list below are applicable to any ToR: Qualifications, Experience, Skills/Technical knowledge, and Language requirements. The bullet points included under each subsection are meant to be just examples of the type of profiles often requested and will need to be tailored according to each assignment needs.
● A university degree at the postgraduate level in the social sciences, management or other relevant field of study. Masters degree/ PhD in Community Development, Sociology Mass media Will be an added advantage
● Proven work experience in use of participatory evaluation methods and surveying techniques;
● Demonstrated experience assessing complex situations in order to succinctly and clearly distil critical issues;
● Experience in leading multi-disciplinary teams to deliver quality products in high stress and short deadline situations;
● Previous volunteer experience is an asset;
Skills / Technical Knowledge:
● Excellent written and presentation skills (English)
● Excellent analytical and report writing skills;
● Strong communication skills
● Must be a self-starter and be able to work independently with excellent demonstrated teamwork, coordination and facilitation skills;
● Ability to work in the multi-cultural team environment and to deliver under pressure/meet deadlines
● Ability to network with partners on various levels
● Comfortable with the necessary computer skills.
Language requirements:
● Expert knowledge of English.
● Knowledge of local language would be an asset.
The assignment is expected to take place in 36 wards, within 5 regions namely Dar es Salaam, Pwani, Morogoro, Iringa and Kilimanjaro covering both rural and urban areas.
TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS Restless Development will be responsible for making the required travel arrangements, and recruitment of research assistants, these cost should not be included in the budget.
The consultant(s) will be facilitated will all logistical arrangement as well as research assistants. The contract will be signed in Tanzania adhering to Tanzania Labour Law. The payment will be in Tsh. The consultant should, include consultancy fee, accommodation and meals cost as part of the proposal.
Consultant bidding should submit economic proposal (including a methodological proposal). as part of the application, and if this is the case provide a template to fill in and submit.
Interested candidates should send:
● An expression of interest (cover letter) indicating availability.
● An updated CV (including references from previous assignments).
● Economic proposal and technical proposal (including a methodological) to

The deadline for submitting applications is 10/07/2018. At 16:00hrs
Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.
Women and young candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Consultant bidding should submit economic proposal (including a methodological proposal). as part of the application, and if this is the case provide a template to fill in and submit.
Interested candidates should send:
● An expression of interest (cover letter) indicating availability.
● An updated CV (including references from previous assignments).
● Economic proposal and technical proposal (including a methodological) to

The deadline for submitting applications is 10/07/2018. At 16:00hrs
Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.
Women and young candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

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