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Country Manager

Application deadline 21. Jul
Posted at
Thursday, 08:48
Application deadline
Salary Range (Tsh)
2,000,001 - 2,500,000
Business / Employer name
Murphy Ben International
Company Industry
Media & Entertainment
Job Level
Management level
Work Type
Full Time
Highest Qualification
Years of Experience
5 years
Other Dar es Salaam District Dar Es Salaam

Salary Currency: Tanzanian Shilling




Gross Pay: TZS 2, 300, 000


  • The Country Manager (CM) has the overall responsibility for the strategic leadership and direction to achieve the organizational vision, mission and objectives. The CM is responsible for the programmatic and operational management in Tanzania first, and then the entire Tanzania. She will represent MBI Int'l with Government, Local and International Organizations around Tanzania.
  • The CM will take a leading role in developing, overseeing implementation, reviewing and monitoring of the entire strategy and ensuring the same in line with global MBI Int'l strategic directions and overall thematic focus.
  • The CM is responsible for developing new Online content programming initiatives, new partnerships and maintaining existing partnerships and actively lead key phases of ongoing partnership programs.
  • The CM will be responsible to ensure cross learning and fertilization of knowledge across the Region and among/ within all Staff in all areas of Online content programming, national, regional and international policies and development issues.
  • The CM is responsible for promoting revenue initiatives, ensuring the smooth running of the Country office and its financial management as well as the Company's sustainability.
  • The CM is also responsible for overall financial and human resources management of the Country office.

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Strategy development and implementation

  • Provide Leadership in the development and implementation of the MBI Int'l strategy in line with the overall strategic plan and the context in the Tanzania
  • Facilitate the alignment of the Country office to strategic organizational thematic priorities and accountability mechanisms provided in MBI Int'l framework
  • Provide leadership for the dissemination of MBI Int'l’ core values, vision and mission at the country level and lead, direct and mentor the country office and its staff in line with the organizational strategy
  • Keep abreast on socio-economic and political changes in the environment and undertake timely strategic review of Tanzania's strategy ensuring continued relevance in the rapidly changing environment
  • Maintain close communication with the Chairman/CEO on relevant factors and changes in the environment. Together with the Strategy Officers at the Head office in Lagos, Nigeria, ensure that the Country office and indeed the Tanzania Region, implement policies, procedures, operational guidelines and standards within the MBI Int'l framework.

2. Representation

  • Represent MBI Int'l in Tanzania Region and be responsible for the management of host country relations and interests in dealing with government, international and local organizations, networks and media in the region
  • Represent MBI Int'l in strategic meetings, conferences, forums and other public events and contribute towards consolidating and raising the profile of MBI Int'l Ltd
  • Develop and strengthen relationships with local organizations and networks and establish national and regional strategic relations and alliances with partners and civil society working in common cause with MBI Int'l objectives
  • Maintain good partnerships relations at National and International levels
  • Promote MBI Int'l' organizational identity and capacity to all stakeholders and partners in Tanzania and ensure MBI Int'l remains relevant in Tanzania.

3. Business development and Management

  • Lead in the development, growth and expansion of the Business providing sound methodological and technical support to ensure use of participatory methodologies as per MBI Int'l Ltd's organizational Goal.
  • Coordinate Business planning and budgeting as per organizational best practices and guidelines
  • Promote a participatory approach in programming work and create space in the structure for staff participation and involvement in decision making
  • Oversee and coordinate the Business portfolio to ensure the highest level of content quality and accountability, while fostering continuity through building local capacity and developing innovative partnership and contents for Tanzania
  • Lead the development, implementation and monitoring of strategic plans relevant in the country and aligned with MBI Int'l policy priorities
  • Participate in national and international content development in line with relevant business opportunities such that: -
  1. Aforevo becomes a household name.
  2. Revenue is raised to at least $50k monthly
  • Facilitate trainings, researches, and learning of cross-cutting relevance to business growth and expansion
  • Ensure that participatory systems and processes for monitoring activities, results and impact assessment of all departments and Staff are in place and involves the Central HR team and Chairman/CEO
  • Provide continuous monitoring and support to field offices and existing projects, coordinate strategic reviews, evaluations, and follow up on implementation of evaluation findings in close collaboration with the Strategy Officers in the Head office
  • Coordinate the production of timely quality content reports in line with regional requirements
  • In close communication with the Business Development Unit and the Head of Dubbing Operations and Content Licensing Company through the following short-term methodologies: -
  1. Kick-starting the dubbing of movies to Swahili and in the universally acceptable French again.
  2. Liaising with Aforevo’s Brand Director in Lagos, Nigeria to make sure that the TV programming for our TV channel in Tanzania is consistently top notch.
  3. Getting the YouTube Channel Managers up and running.
  4. Getting the YouTube marketers to start sourcing for contents.
  • Develop networks and partnerships with national/regional/international institutions in Tanzania at large
  • Keep abreast of the trends within the environment in the Country and Internationally
  • Undertake diversified local and international revenue-building initiatives to strengthen the Company's profitability and sustainability

4. Financial management

In close collaboration with her Head of Finance and the Head of Business Development Staff;

  • Provide oversight to all finance and administrative services in the Company
  • Ensure effective implementation and compliance with the overall Finance & Audit Manuals, ensuring compliance with procedures required by MBI Int'l or other contract agreements
  • Oversee the development and implementation of annual country budgets
  • Ensure that adequate internal control mechanisms are in place
  • Ensure adequate mechanisms are in place for budget monitoring and review and minimize significant expenditure variances
  • Review accuracy of accounts and carry out periodic checks on financial matters
  • Monitor the timely delivery of quality accounts reports and comments to the Chairman/CEO
  • Oversee annual and project-specific audit processes within the region
  • Ensure the preparation, accuracy and timely submission of financial reports that comply with Tanzania requirements for all contract agreements and ensure compliance with all aspects of MBI Int'l policies
  • Check and verify all content inventories and promote efficient management of organizational assets

5. Human Resources Management and Organizational Development

In close collaboration with the Head of Human Resources, Lagos, Nigeria;

  • Provide leadership support to all Tanzania Staff and promote best practices in human resources management
  • Coordinate regular reviews and update of the human resources policies and procedures for the region and ensure compliance with the overall human resources management manual and the national labour laws
  • Oversee adequate implementation of the performance management system including performance objectives and planning, review, appraisal and staff development
  • Coordinate the development of a staff development plan in line with strategic directions of MBI Int'l Ltd
  • Oversee and monitor efficiency and fairness of recruitment processes across Tanzania as needed from time to time
  • Provide Coaching and Counseling advice to staff when necessary and lead initiatives to develop staff capacity
  • Organize regular meetings with the senior management team and all staff for the purpose of exchanging information, coordination and learning
  • Ensure that the country' senior management team is effective, mutually supporting and sufficiently involved in decision making.

6. Information, Communication and learning

  • Ensure that the Company is maintaining a coordinated and agreed information exchange both internally and in its dealing with external parties
  • Ensure that key documents (strategy program documents, projects proposals, research, content reports, etc) are internally shared with the Strategy Department and Chairman/CEO and agreed upon before communicating to the Staff and other external parties
  • Ensure that all communication infrastructures are set up in the Company and smooth information flow is maintained
  • Ensure that experiences and best practices are documented and shared across the organization.

Supervision & Collaboration

The Country Manager, Tanzania, is under direct supervision of the Chairman/CEO but will work in collaboration with Staff in various sections at the Head Office in Lagos, Nigeria, especially the Strategy Management Team.


  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of successful strategies recommended and implemented
  • Timelines on strategies met
  • New businesses generated and new territories penetrated for growth and expansion (Company growth matrix)
  • % of revenue generated vis-à-vis target given
  • Positive Feedback received from customers, employees and partners on service delivery
  • Retention/ Conversion rates via Google analytics
  • Compliance program, policies, processes, Internal reporting and audit administration


  • Master’s degree, MBA or other relevant field, strongly preferred
  • Minimum of 5 years’ or more experience in management in international business setting
  • Significant experience in the finance and marketing fields strongly preferred
  • Fluent in the language of the country
  • Experience living overseas for an extended period of time
  • Exceptionally well organized and driven by success
  • Ability to thrive in high-pressure situations
  • Outstanding negotiating skills
  • Analytical thinker with superior problem-solving skills
  • Solid history of data-driven strategic development
  • Decisive and committed
  • A natural leader who inspires and motivates those around them

The Country Manager will provide overall leadership and strategic direction to the company in Tanzania.

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