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Medical Internship

Application deadline 30. Apr
Posted at
2. Dec '15, 17:13
Application deadline
Business / Employer name
Cultural Life Tanzania
Job categories
  • Medical & Dental
Position Type
  • Volunteer
Organization Type
Karatu Arusha

Job description as medical intern
Job responsibilities of interns joining a medical internship in Tanzania, Arusha, Karatu (in all dispensary and hospital we operate internship project) vary with education, skills, experience and qualifications. Interns are not allowed to perform surgical operations.
As a medical intern your work activities will be:
• Assist a doctor in testing human samples such as blood, tissue, urine or cerebrospinal and faecal material for enzymes, hormones and other constituents.
• Assist a doctor in analysing cell cultures grown from tissue samples and identifying blood groups
• Assist a doctor on working with computers, sophisticated automated machinery, microscopes and other hi-tech laboratory equipment
• Assisting in ensuring that the necessary turnaround times for reporting results are achieved wherever possible.
• Assist a doctor giving test results to medical staff, who use the information to diagnose and treat the patient’s illness.
• Assist a doctor monitoring the effects of medication and other programmes of treatment by carrying out further tests.
• Using information technology to accurately record and analyse data, write reports and share results.
• You will also assist at the orphanage (Jericho Orpahange) to teach children about a healthy diet, dental hygiene, first aid, HIV and aids awareness, possibly participate in the treatment for minor injuries/wounds and/or maintain records of treated.
• You will work on our HIV programme as a medical intern, work with a HIV/AIDS outreach clinic conducting home-based care to people nfected and affected by HIV/AIDS. The homecare will include counseling to the caretakers and distributing medication and food supplies to people suffering with HIV or aids.
• As an intern in the HIV/AIDS program you will devote your time taking care of HIV/AIDS infected children and people while getting them engaged in various educational activities designed to increase their awareness of the disease in hopes of their dissemination of the information to others in hopes of ultimately stopping and preventing the epidemic of HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. This project is open to any interns who are willing to share their love, time and compassion with the HIV/AIDS affected patients.
• You will also work as an assistant to doctors. Interns measure blood pressure (BP), temperature, height, weight, as well as assist doctors and the medical staff in the health centers.

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Cultural Life Tanzania
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