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We wish to introduce our unique and effective “Pest Control Services” to our highly esteemed organizations.
About Parota Pest Control
Parota Pest Control (PPC) is duly registered with brella as well as with the Tropical Pesticides Research Institute (TPRI). This service will be of importance to your organization in the area of Fumigation, Disinfection, and Rat Eradication.
Pest control management is what we do! We live and work here, just like you do. Our number one priority is keeping this community happy by protecting it’s people and property from pests looking to invade our homes.
Our Team
At Parota pest Control we’re a tight-knit family, dedicated to serving our customers. We each pledge to uphold the highest of quality standards at all times, and thoroughly meet your needs.
Our technicians are passionate about pest control management. Each of them is professionally licensed and experienced serving the needs of homeowners and industries.
Parota Pest Control offers custom pest control plans to suit your home and family. We specialize in removal and prevention of infestations by insects and rodents, including cockroaches, fleas, ticks, ants, bees, mice, and a host of other irritating invasive species. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service intervals, with long-term contracts. We’re always available between visits should you need us.
We begin our relationship with each customer with a thorough inspection of your home or place. We believe every home and family is different, and this inspection helps us develop a pest control plan to meet your specific needs.
Pest Removal
Our licensed technicians rely on the safest available pest control methods. We use natural and organic treatments mostly, which are harmless to wildlife and pets. As a last resort, we use pesticides in accordance with local and national regulations and TPRI standards.
Your Pest Control Plan
The following pest control plan is designed to provide you with safety and peace of mind. We used the results of your initial inspection to come up with a plan that addresses your needs in a way that is affordable and reliable.
Based on our inspection, we feel that a monthly service charged every 3months service interval will best meet your needs. We’ll contact you via email one week prior to each scheduled service, and confirm via phone the day before. We schedule your service visits in one-hour windows, so you will always know when to expect us. You can always call or email us should you need our assistance in between scheduled pest control services.
All pesticides which will be used during contract period are recommended and certified by TPRI. All precautions will be made. Mixture and dilutions will be done by our technician according to manufactures directives.
a. Treatment will be done to control rats, cockroaches in the building and in the compound as well as cats and snakes.
b. Insects erupting from the woods will be treated accordingly.
c. Strong sterilization in the septic tanks will be applied to control mosquitoes.
d. Rats will be treated through the guarantee period.
Types of Pesticides to be used are as follow:
A. Nuvan 500 ECC For domestic fumigation
B. Actelic 50 EC For domestic fumigation and offices
C. Twiga Gamma For termite control
D. Racumin BBO/ LANIRAT-B For rodents/rats baits
E. Dimethoate (Rogor 149) For snakes/bees, cesspit and septic tanks
F. Dursban/snowstorm 60% Ec For compound and garden sterilization
G. Karate/Ultracyer For compound and garden sterilization
H. Vitashield For compound and gardens
ABOUT Racumin BBO Pesticide
Active Ingredient: Coumatetralyl @ 0.37g/kg Racumin Paste is a ready-to-use rodenticide bait paste used for the control of rats and mice. It contains Coumatetralyl, a first generation anticoagulant that works through a multi-feed system. Unlike second and third generation baits, coumatetralyl is metabolised quickly so dead rodents carry very low residues; this decreases the risk of secondary poisoning to pets or wildlife who may scavenge on the dead rodents. Using the multi-feed approach, Racumin will kill in a similar timeframe as a single feed bait (3-8 days) without the risk of bait shyness. Racumin Paste combines vegetable fats and carbohydrates in a way that is exceptionally attractive to rats and mice. Racumin Paste is the ideal bait for domestic use and for use around the farm/plant or wherehouse as part of a rodent control strategy.
• Highly effective against rats and mice
• Multi-feed technology means that there is low risk of secondary poisoning to pets and wildlife
• Highly palatable paste sachets with no bait shyness
• Easy to use
• Can be used in ceiling voids or bait stations
• Contains Bitrex - a human taste deterrent
A new, modern anticoagulant rodenticide, is an up-to-date, ready-to-use rodenticide bait which is highly palatable to both rats and mice. Rats and mice consume sufficient amounts of LANIRAT-B even if their usual poison-free food is also available. The laboratory experiments conducted by us have proved that LANIRAT-B resulted in 100 % mortality even if the animals consumed it only for one day. With LANIRAT-B, there is no need for using higher active ingredient concentrations for mouse killing, as mice consume 2.6 LD^q of the bromadiolone active ingredient even under the least favourable conditions (presence of abundant alternative food, one-day feeding of LANIRAT-B).
The ready-to-use bait is highly stable and can be preserved without loss of quality for a long time. LANIRAT-B can become an ideal rodenticide on animal farms, in Food products factories and granaries. KEY WORDS. Anticoagulant rodenticide, rat, mouse, mortality rate, LANIRAT-B. Of procedures aimed at the eradication of commensal rodents (rat, mouse), only those utilizing chemical active ingredients promise sufficiently rapid success but only if employed properly (HADLER 1984, HERMANN 1974, MEEHAN 1984). Earlier, chemical preparations of acute effect, i. e. those which gave a rapid result, were used in Tanzania. The increase in the number and, first of all, range of rodent eradication programmes has raised the neces­ sity of using more efficacious rodenticides which are less toxic to the environment and can be stored without loss of efficacy for a long time. This situation has led to the introduction of the so-called "first-generation" anticoagulant rodenticides. In Tanzania these preparations contain warfarin, chlorofacinone, coumachlor and coumatetralyl as active ingredient.
Type of Pest Treatment Rodents/Rats & Mice Racumin BBO Pesticide
We pride ourselves on providing pricing that is extremely fair and affordable. You’ll receive a 15% discount for each service you agree to pay up-front for, and any subsequent services will be invoiced within 30 days of services being rendered. Select the quantity of service visits you’d like to pay for today to lock in your discount!
Service Price QTY Total Rodent Control 2679000 1 wherehouse 2679000

After spraying the following conditions will be affected:-

  1. Guarantee period will be six months
  2. Free technical advice will be offered free all the period of our contract.
  3. Rodent control will be carried throughout the guarantee period.
  4. Regular site visit will be done to see and get your reviews.
    Termites have infested particularly in the store which is almost eaten up. Strong and highly sterilization must be applied. Also rat and cats are some of the stubborn creatures –hence they are fading up with different baits.
    Snakes seem to be there according to narrators (stuffs) cockroaches and they are mostly in chambers and cesspits as well as the septic tanks. Strong sterilization will be done too.
    The compound will be sterilized to make sure small insects do not disturb as well as mosquitoes.
    All unfinished buildings have been counted in the compound measurements. This is an offer.
    On completion of the services we will issue a Pest Control Certificate for each assignment.
    We will also give a period of guarantee within which our clientele will certainly be free of the identified pests.
    We will be expecting your invitation for further discussions on this. Do afford us the privilege to serve you better.

Patrick Tarimo

Managing Director

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