ZoomTanzania Launches A New App

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ZoomTanzania now has a mobile app that connects users to our services on the go. With over the 40,000 visitors per day on the desktop site, investing in the mobile platform is set to raise these figures higher. The new classified ads mobile app is tailored with functions that specifically target the seller and the buyers.

Sellers on ZoomTanzania website will manage their inventory straight from the app. In addition, any seller can create an ad and edit it on the go thanks to convenient editing tools that come with the app. The app also supports real-time chat with buyers and send push notifications to both parties phones. The new app accommodates site features like detailed contact forms for sellers. The feature helps buyers to have a clearer picture of how to get the goods they want.

ZoomTanzania App

For buyers, it is now easier to browse the ZoomTanzania product and service list while saving on data bundles. The new data mode feature has three modes, extra light, light and normal. The modes can be changed to suit your need. For data-heavy users, normal mode is for you and for those saving data extra light mode is for you.You will also access business directories and listings on the go as long as you have good internet access. Buyers will also be able to receive push notifications in case of new promotions or when a seller contacts them directly. You will also be able to register or log into your ZoomTanzania account directly from the app.

ZoomTanzania app awesomeness doesn’t end there, the app download size is 4.77MB that is more than 10 times less the size of the Instagram app.With our simplified home screen you will find the categories you know and love plus you will see something new that you didn’t know Zoom had to offer.

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Download the app to get a variety of your favourite products today.


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