What to Pack for a Beach Vacation in Tanzania

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There are few things as satisfying as lounging on the beach with a good book and cold drink.

Luckily, Tanzania has a generous number of beaches that are perfect for short or long vacations.

While your experience will be determined by the temperature, breeze and quality of service of the resort, hotel or lodge you are staying at, what you bring with you can also greatly impact your beach vacation.

The good and bad aspect of going on vacation is that you get to leave your everyday life behind, but that means that you don’t have the flexibility of having all your stuff with you.

So packing right is important, as you need to bring the things you need and leave behind the things you don’t.

But before we even get started with our recommendations of what to bring, you need to ask yourself: what do you want from your vacation?

Ideally, you should use your vacation to de-stress and replenish your mind and body. Don’t bring any work. Don’t bring electronics (like your laptop) that may encourage you to work. If you can, don’t think about work.

Ok. So it’s settled. Your vacation is for relaxing. Now, what should you bring to help?

1. Hygiene and Self Care

Before you even think of what clothes to bring, you should make sure you need the essential items that will help you stay clean and looking good. These include:

  • Travel size toiletries ( soap, face wash, lotion, toothpaste, deodorant etc)
  • Feminine hygiene needs
  • Shaving  kit (for men)
  • Cosmetics
  • Medicines ( have small bottle of paracetamol, vitamin c, cough syrup and any other needed medication)
  • Sunscreen
  • Contact lenses and glasses
  • Small towel

2. Clothing


While most of us want to look our absolute best during our vacation, make sure you don’t over-do-it. Instead, bring clothes that are low maintenance (don’t need to be ironed) and versatile (can be worn multiple times in different ways). These include:

  • Swimsuits
  • Tunics (work as  beach cover ups and sundresses)
  • Underwear (panties, bras, boxers)
  • Sleeping clothes
  • Basic t-shirts and/or tank tops (you can wear on the beach, casual stroll or to bed)
  • Pair of white or light-colored shorts (dark colors attract the sun)
  • Going out tops
  • Going out button down shirt (for men), should be white or light color
  • Flowy skirt or maxi dress
  • A pair of jeans (preferably white)
  • Workout clothes (if you plan to exercise)
  • Scarf
  • Light cardigan (it gets windy)


Ladies don’t bring your entire shoe closet. Pick a pair of shoes for the beach, for a day out and a night out. So 3 in total.

  • Flip flops
  • Open flats
  • Wedges
  • 1 pair trainers athletic shoes (if you are working out)
  • Sneakers  ( shoes for guys)
  • Boat shoes ( shoes for guys)

3. Accessories

Accessories will take up little room in your luggage, but at the same time give your outfit a ‘wow’ factor.

4. Entertainment

You need relaxing things to do on the beach other than sleeping. These could include:

  • A book or your kindle
  • Journal and writing supplies
  • Art supplies
  • Board games or cards
  • A ball (fun beach games)
  • Snacks

5. Electronics

Don’t forget these important electronics.

  • Phone chargers, batteries etc
  • Camera, video camera

6. Others

If you aren’t flying into the beach, you have flexibility to bring extra stuff like:

  • Beach towels
  • Beach umbrella and chairs
  • Cooler (if permitted in the hotel and you aren’t flying)

Good packing is a powerful skill

Whether you are going on a beach vacation, safari or to your grandparent’s house in your village, knowing how to pack is a skill that will come in handy many times throughout your life.

Remember, knowing what you want from the experience will drive your decisions of what to bring, and what to leave behind.

Now that you know how to pack for the beach, find an amazing beach location just for you.

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