Planning For The Perfect Valentines

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Perfect Valentines

Here we are, that time of the year is around the corner and love is in the air.  Everyone is buzzing and queries on how to melt their partner’s heart. For most of us, Valentine’s day just sneaks up on us and you end up just grabbing a random card. It’s one of the trickiest holidays to surprise your partner.  Well, we  have got you covered.  Helping you plan the perfect valentine’s day in advance for the one you love.


 A Surprise Gateway

Perfect Valentines

Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to surprise the one you love with a getaway trip and spend quality time together. It’s just more fun to escape your reality of your daily life and just go to a relaxing beach vacation like in Zanzibar or a peaceful upcountry area like  Magoroto, Tanga. Surprise your partner and make them happy with a romantic getaway it’s a  perfect way to sweep them off their feet.


 DIY Intimate Dinner Date At Home

Perfect Valentines


Restaurants can be highly overpriced and overbooked on valentine’s day. The only way to beat high prices is a home-cooked dinner, it’s more personal and allows you a lot of creative freedom. A dinner at home can be more cosy and affectionate, also staying at home can make you enjoy your time together without any disturbance.


 A Spa Package

Perfect Valentines

Instead of buying the usual card and flowers for your loved one on valentines day, opt for an amazing spa experience. Nothing says I love you like a surprise spa day, just to relax and watch your worries melt away. You can never go wrong with a spa day, they are like a slice of heaven.


Chocolates & Roses

Perfect Valentines

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest days to send roses as well as chocolates. Roses are the traditional valentine’s day flower and it signifies romance. Giving out a box of chocolates shows how affectionate you are with your partner. A combination of roses and chocolates is very famous for valentines day gifts.


 Movie Marathon or Binge Watching Shows

Perfect Valentines

Sometimes the best way is to keep it simple. One of the best ways to enjoy valentine’s day with the person you love is to stay indoors and binge watches your favourite shows, like reruns of Grey’s Anatomy or rewatches one of your all-time favourite movies maybe Eat Pray Love. Restaurants get so hectic and busy during Valentine’s day, making reservations and getting a perfect parking could be such a hustle.Instead, enjoy this quiet moment at home for a truly romantic night for two.


These tips can help you to get started planning your perfect Valentine’s day for your loved one, in order enjoy the day together.


Elizabeth Nyimbo