Valentine’s Day Date Ideas.

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Valentine date ideas

Valentine’s day is almost here,time to take your romance game to the next level. We all know the regular buy her flowers and chocolates, or take him out for dinner, how about trying out something different this year? Create awesome memories and spend quality time with your loved one.Here are some exciting ideas for you and that special someone.

1.Go on a staycation.

Don’t have enough money for a trip out of town? Don’t worry, how about getting a hotel in your town? If you are looking to splurge, this is also a perfect idea, you get to order room service and just chill with your partner.


  1. Movie night at home.

No need for an insane budget for this, turn your house into a small movie theatre. Get your favorite romantic movie and just snuggle in. Make sure you have enough popcorn and your favorite wine.


  1. Recreate your first date.

This is perfect if you have been together for quite a while.Take this moment to appreciate how far you’ve come as a couple. It would be so much fun to just let loose and spend quality time together. Valentine_Recreatedate

  1. Go wine tasting

If you both love wine, this is a perfect chance to have a good time and drink!


5.Make a fancy dinner.

Prepare your favorite dish together, this is definitely gonna save you some money and you will have all the time and space to spend time together.


6.Go dancing.

Now don’t get us wrong—we mean proper dancing.Take a salsa class together or attend a concert and just groove.

7. A themed dinner and movie night at home.

How about hosting another couple? Prepare a good meal, watch a movie and play charade.


  1. Karaoke

Sing along to your favorite jams and enjoy each others company. This is perfect after eating out.

  1. Relaxing spa day

Tons of spas have special offers on the romantic holiday with specials for couples,so take advantage of the reduced fares to chill out with your S.O.


Sarah Wangari