6 Tanzanian Celebrities and Their Cars

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Want to know what your favourite celebrity drives? Here is a list of some of Tanzania’s top celebrities and their cars?

Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian Celebrities

Undoubtedly, Diamond is one of the most successful musicians in the regional music industry. He started from the very bottom and worked his way to international stardom, earning collaborations and respect especially from fellow artists in Nigeria. And after all the hard work, the ‘Eneka’ hit singer does not fail to reward himself, and rightfully so. His latest whip is a black  BMW X6 worth up to  200 million Tsh. Talk about lanes!

Ommy Dimpoz

Tanzanian Celebrities

He broke into the entertainment scene with his hit song ‘Baadaye’. Since then, Ommy Dimpoz has worked tirelessly to have his music recognised both locally and internationally. And we can all see his success from the kind of cars he gets to drive around in. Ommy is a lover of Toyota, as evidenced by his sleek-looking Mark X to an executive looking Prado.

Lady JayDee

Tanzanian Celebrities

Lady Jaydee is one of the pioneers of bongo music. She has stayed relevant with hit songs like ‘Ndi Ndi Ndi’ and we still sing along to ‘Yahaya’. Speaking of relevance, you should definitely spot Jaydee in the streets in her elegant SUV, the latest Range Rover Evoque. Well, you probably won’t see her through the tinted windows but just know that she is one of the few Tanzanian musicians driving a beast of a car.

Wema Sepetu

Tanzanian Celebrities

She may be in the limelight for the right or wrong reasons, but one thing is for sure, Wema Sepetu is without a doubt, a shrewd businesswoman. She has managed to tap into the entertainment scene by taking lead roles in the Tanzanian film industry which keep her fans entertained. As for the cars she drives, Wema plays in the major leagues too. She has owned a Nissan Murano, an Audi Q7, and a 2015 Range Rover Sport.

Ali Kiba

Tanzanian Celebrities

From Kigoma to Cinderella to Seduce Me, you cannot help but fall in love with Ali Kiba’s music. His voice soothes, pays his bills, builds him bungalows and buys him expensive cars. Kiba currently drives a BMW X5.


Tanzanian Celebrities

Just like Lady Jaydee, AY has also managed to remain relevant as one of the pioneers of bongo music. From Yule to Zigo, AY is definitely here to stay. And if you wonder what his whip looks like, it’s a grey Range Rover Sport.

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