4 Surprising Yet Relatable Tenant Stories

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The real estate world can have it’s fair share of mishaps, from scamming landlords to noisy neighbours and other bizarre stories. Most times you might be caught on the wrong side of life and live to tell an awkward tale about it. Here are some of the surprising real estate tenant stories yet.

The Petty Landlord

Tenant Stories

“Back when I had just started a job I didn’t have a lot of responsibilities, I mostly spent my weekends partying with friends. At the time I had rented a small self-contained room with a small compound to itself and was part of the main house’s compound where the landlord and his family lived. On Fridays, my friends and I would have barbeques, some music and casual hangouts. I started noticing that the morning after the landlord would always be moody. It got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to confront him. Turns out he was pissed that he wasn’t invited to my barbeque gatherings.”

The Demon-Possessed Neighbour

Tenant Stories


“This one time I was renting a room in a less-than-fancy neighbourhood. Whenever it was time to pay the rent, there was this neighbour who would always become “possessed by demons”. The whole charade was so effective that she got to pay the rent whenever she wants. She would change her voice and talk like a 60-year old jazz player, throwing her arms around and go all berserk on the landlady, the landlady would get so scared she would stop asking for rent and start asking for help.”

The Scamming Landlord

Tenant Stories

“This one time I was looking for a place to stay, I took a Dalali’s number off those local-made billboards, made out of white fabric. I talked to him and we arranged for a meeting to help me find a house. After a few trips, I managed to find a nice house. It was a nice stand-alone house in a good neighbourhood and the owner seemed like a nice woman. After inspecting it and minor haggling we managed to reach an agreement, I paid the 6-month rent and we signed a contract and agreed on the date that I’ll move in. The day came and I moved in, everything went well for a few days. One morning I hear a knock at the door, I opened it and there is a whole family standing outside, then the father asked, “Who are you? And where is Aunt…”. Turns out the nice woman who rented me the house was a distant relative they asked to watch the house while they travelled for a funeral.”

The Petty Neighbor

Tenant Stories


‘“So I recently moved into a shared flat with my friends, shared flats usually have a shared compound. This one was not any different, the shared compound had hanging lines. On laundry days, my friends and I hung our clothes on the lines given the amount of laundry we would occasionally take up all space in the lines. Naturally, it is common decency to tell someone to remove their wet clothes. Our neighbour removed the wet clothes from the clothing line placed them on a huge basin.The day ended we go to the clothing lines only to find our clothes in a basin still wet.We went and ask around, she admitted the crime and said those are her lines and we should have asked her if we wanted to hang”.

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