Stylish Wedding Guest Dress Ideas

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Wedding Guest Dress

The wedding you have been invited to is around the corner and you are becoming increasingly anxious about what to wear.We have all been there and it is a feeling we dread. This piece offers you a stylish wedding guest dress guide that will help solve your fashion dilemma. But first, here are some wedding guest dos and don’ts.

Weddings Guest Dos and Don’ts

Don’t pick a white outfit

Don’t go overboard

Try to avoid inappropriate outfits especially those that reveal too much skin.

Avoid overly casual looks

Read the invitation and adhere to the wedding theme if it has one

Below are some stylish wedding guest dress ideas:

Full-length dress

Wedding Guest Dress
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For this dress, ensure that it is not glitzy. When the wedding invite states it is a black-tie event, a full-length dress would make a great selection. A full-length dress shows sophistication. When combined with lovely jewellery, it adds up to give you a great outfit ensemble.

Cocktail Dress

A cocktail dress is a safe selection when the invitation suggests a festive attire look or a formal one. Cocktail can a body-hugging dress or a dramatic lacy dress that fits you well. Also remember that cocktail dresses can be playful and fun. Choose a bold colour and pair it with playful accessories to score a great look.

Maxi Dress

Wedding Guest Dress
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This dress is ideal for a beach wedding or an outdoor wedding. A flattering flowy maxi dress with trendy heels and smart accessories will make a better fit for this type of wedding. Don’t be scared to wear something floral or print to achieve a more laid back look.

Midi Length Dress

Wedding Guest Dress
Photo Credit: Lavidoz Style

The mid-length dress is a flattering option and a cousin to a mini dress.The dress is ideal for formal and outdoor/casual weddings. A playful or floral print will make it ideal for an outdoor wedding while a bolder colour will make a great fit for a formal wedding.

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