Smart TVs: All The Information You Need

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Smart TVs

In 2008, Samsung launched the first ever Smart TV, the PAVV Bordeaux TV 250. This Smart TV did more than just keep viewers up to date with the news, weather, or the stock market. It allowed access to photos, music, and pre-loaded movies.  Today, a good Smart TV has cool features like voice recognition and tools to help in searching for TV programs. Smart TVs also come with inbuilt apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu that give quick access to your favourite TV shows. The advancements have gotten way better over time, smart TVs are now thinner than your laptop screen. Here are interesting facts on smart TVs and why you need one

The Viewing Experience Just Got Better

Smart TVs

New tech such as OLED and HDR plus has improved how you view ordinary images and videos. Contrast and colours are richer which means an ordinary music video, like Diamond’s Salome, appears more vivid and detailed on a Smart TV more than on a regular TV. Smart TVs have also replaced movie theatres because they give a similar, or even better, cinema experience, and the best part is that you get to experience this right from your house.

Better Integration with Your Other Devices

Smart TVs

Back in the day, you would need extra cables or wires to connect to your TV to enjoy media from laptops, consoles, phone, and tablets. Today, with better tech, comes standardised connectivity. You can now mirror a media file faster and conveniently from your devices to your television via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

No Need to Worry About Video Formats

Smart TVs

Smart TVs allow you to watch videos in any format that they are saved in. Previous cable TVs could only open specific video files. Smart TVs play a wide range of video formats like mp4, MKV or AVI. Get the entertainment you need without worrying about formats with Smart TVs.

Internet Connectivity

Smart TVs

What you might not know is that smart TVs are connected to the internet. This gives you the freedom to stream endless videos from your favourite sites like YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify. In addition to this, you can browse other sites like ZoomTanzania to get a richer online shopping experience. You can also play simple online games like candy crush saga, wars, and any other online game you prefer, with friends.

The Verdict

As cool as the functionality of Smart TVs is, they can get expensive but what good thing is not? To get the best smart TV experience make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection to enjoy better viewing experience. Browse through our wide collection of smart TVs here.


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