Shoes: 9 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

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How many pairs of shoes does a woman really need?

While many would answer, “the more the merrier”! The reality is having a lot of shoes is not necessarily an indication of good fashion sense.

The thing is, women accumulate a lot of shoes overtime because they are shopping according to trends and not need. For instance, when was the last time you wore those 6-inch stilettos you bought from that Instagram boutique?

Moreover, when shopping most women are thinking about buying shoes for special occasions like parties and weddings, rather than finding shoes that are convenient for everyday wear.

And unless you have a lot of disposable income, it’s likely that if you buy a lot of shoes, then they tend to be cheap in price and quality and thus don’t last long. While you may feel that you are saving money, in actuality you are spending more in the long run. It’s better to invest in quality shoes that will last you for years than something you’ll have to replace in a couple of months.

So to answer the question, most women only need 9 pairs of shoes to look stylish for any occasion, and these include the following:

1.     Flat pumps/ballet flats:

These incredibly comfortable shoes will keep you looking cute throughout the day. They are a perfect laid back look for business casual work environments, informal parties and even when running errands.

2.     Black kitten heels:

These shoes add length to your legs without being too dramatic. They are great for corporate work environments, or a classy night out as they add a chic touch to any outfit.

3.     Casual sandals:

Whether you prefer a gladiator sandal or a simple ‘malapa’ (flip flops), you need a pair of sandals for the occasions like going to the beach, bbq or just chilling at a friend’s house, where you feel comfortable showing off the toes.

4.     Casual bootie:

You don’t have to live in a cold place to wear boots. The ankle bootie is an easy way to add some character to outfits like denim jeans or a loose fitting dress.

5.     Tan or Brown Wedges:

Want to wear heels and add length, but still look casual enough to go to the beach? The neutral toned wedge will give you a laid back and sexy look at the same time.

6.     Oxford shoes:

If you want to appear like a chic fashionista then owning a pair of oxford shoes will definitely help. These are great for work and social events. They add some masculinity while still keeping feminine elements like the slim shape of the shoe and lace-ups.

7.     Sneakers/casual kicks:

We don’t mean gym sneakers, but instead casual kicks that you can wear with jeans and a t-shirt when running errands or chilling with the homies.

8.     Statement heels:

Whether they are glittery, studded, multicolored or patterned, every woman needs a pair of sexy risk-taking (at least 4-inch) heels that stand out for all the right reasons. These are great for that special club night or event when you want all eyes on you.

9.     Nude heels:

These go with everything in your closet, and are the only type of heels that can be appropriate for both informal and formal settings.

Don’t compromise on quality

Remember, you are better off having a few pairs of well-made good quality shoes, than a closet full of cheap and uncomfortable shoes that you have to throw away every couple of months or years.

Being stylish is not about the quantity of items you have, but the quality and the unique ways that you wear things. So don’t worry about not having a lot of shoes, clothes or accessories, instead, focus on ensuring that the stuff that you do have will last you a lifetime.

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