8 Reasons Why You Need A Shared Workspace

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Demand for shared workspace is on the rise as more businesses look to utilise it to reduce costs and increase agility. A study shows that, efficiency and creativity increase when team members have the autonomy to personalise their work environments. Global coworking office space is predicted to grow from under 1 million in 2016 to 4 million in 2020.

The most rewarding feature of a shared workspace is the fact that many hard-working and innovative workers are brought together in the same space. Here are the other 8 importance of shared a workspace.

1. Networking Opportunities among Employees

Networking Opportunities among Employees

Co-Working spaces allow for easy networking opportunity as employees will have close contact with other tenants. They will have an opportunity to meet and learn from people who have a different range of skills, experience and contacts and can lead to securing new business opportunities.

The sense of having a community around will ensure that you are not alone in difficult moments that might require help from experts. This will surely be the best way to maximise productivity and inspire creativity from experts around you and your team.

2. Cheaper Office

If you have a small team in your small business, renting a whole new office and expenses will cost a lot of money. The shared workspace is an affordable way for small businesses to get off the ground, giving you the option to focus on key business development decisions. It will ease you from a load of rent and furnishing your workspace without too much cost. You will be able to bring your team together in one place to work and share ideas with minimal costs.  

3. Socialisation and Easier Communications

Socialisation and Easier Communications

Working in a shared workspace will encourage you to see yourself as part of a larger community which will help to facilitate professional relationships. Research shows that interactions in a work environment are an important part of one’s mental wellbeing and productivity. Working with like-minded people will leave your team feeling energised, social and happy.

4. Employees Satisfactions

According to studies, 72% of members of a shared workspace are happy and satisfied with their current work situation. In establishing a shared workspace, the teams establish a sense of community with everyone in the same space. Employees will also benefit from different networking events and community building activities. The survey conducted by  Deskmag shows that employees will describe their coworking experience as fun, friendly, creative, inspiring, productive, flexible, social and collaborative.

5. Flexibility

Flexibility at work

Sharing a workspace can be used to arrange the office depending on the needs of work and workers. It enables you to increase the number of employees you hire and grow your business without fear of having to commit for many years in one building. With shared spaces, you will have different membership offers from monthly to annual rather than long-term leases. This will enable you to be flexible whenever your business expands as you can add or remove space based on the business needs.

6. Effective Feedbacks

Sharing a working space means you will be surrounded by people outside your company. If you build a relationship and create a network with them, they will be familiar with your work. These members can become useful neutral experts as well by giving you an unbiased critique of your ideas and business growth.

7. Easier to Set Up

Easier to Set Up

When you acquire a shared workplace it means there will be no need to do any expensive setups.  Because most of the office setups have already been done, you will only need to bring your team and start working right away. In most cases, there is a ready internet connection, set up printers, and other facilities ready to use.

8. Boost Efficiency and Creativity

Having your team sharing a workspace with a large group of people who have a wide and different range of skill sets and knowledge is ideal. It is more likely for people who share the same office space to share knowledge and creative ways of accomplishing certain tasks. This will be one of the biggest benefits you will get from a shared workspace.

Are you interested in sharing workspaces? Start by finding a right business partner then take a look at these office spaces options near you.

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