How To Save Electricity in Your House

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Energy Saving at Home

Being smart and efficient is the best way to save up for your electricity bills. Tanesco might raise the electricity bills every now and then, and we have to cope with it. To stop exhausting our wallets here are some tips which will help you to save electricity in your house.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

 Energy Saving at Home

Replace your bulbs with Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs. They are stable light bulbs which are highly energy efficient. With LED bulbs you use 25%- 80% less energy and you save money than the normal bulbs. They are long-lasting, durable and cost-effective.


Unplug your Electronics and Appliances

 Energy Saving at Home

As human beings, we tend to easily forget, and we have more than five items that are regularly at still plugged on at home. Home appliances and electronics like TVs and computers absorb more electricity even when they are in standby mode. It’s wise to unplug all your electronics and appliances to save money and energy.


Gas Cookers Over  Electric Cookers

 Energy Saving at Home

Your cooker is the most important part of the kitchen, helping you make your everyday meals for your family. Considering a gas cooker might be a perfect choice for your kitchen since it absorbs less energy compared to electric cookers. Gas cookers are inexpensive and you save money in the long run rather than using electricity to prepare your meal.


Getting the Original Home Appliances

 Energy Saving at Home

Fake home appliances use cheaper material which wears out easily and has higher electric resistance. This results in more electricity consumed, add to this that any slight fluctuations in the electric current can cause fake appliances to short circuit, which is dangerous for you and your home. To keep yourself and your home safe always ensure you buy original products from a reputable manufacturer.


Allow Food to Cool Off

 Energy Saving at Home

Before placing your leftover goodies in the fridge make sure they are at room temperature. When you put hot food in the fridge, it has to work twice as hard to accomplish the same task. It has to cool the food to room temperature first before really cooling it. Waiting for the food to cool to room temperature before placing it in the fridge will save you a ton of unnecessarily lost energy. And as a bonus, it will help your fridge last longer.


Take Care of Your Air Conditioner

 Energy Saving at Home

We know how hot Dar es Salaam can be, after a long day in the heat we all long to be inside our homes with a running AC. but the air conditioner is usually the culprit behind your massive electricity bill. You can reduce their effect on your bill by properly maintaining them. First, don’t leave them running 24/7, Once the room temperature is desirable you can switch them off. This along with regular checkups and filter changes should improve their longevity and reduce their electricity consumption.

Maintaining these few tips for saving up your electricity at home, it will help you reduce your Tanesco bill by a high percentage.

Elizabeth Nyimbo