Why is The SabaSaba Trade Fair So Popular ?

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SabaSaba Trade Fair

Here is Why The SabaSaba Fair Matters

7th July, also known as SabaSaba day, has always been one of the holidays we look forward to, as Tanzanians. SabaSaba holds a political and festive significance to us, as it happens to be the founding day of the Tanzanian political party Tanganyika African National Union (TANU) in 1954. Of course, the shopping experience is always something to also look forward to.
Here are the reasons why the trade fair has remained popular;

1. Number of visitors

SabaSaba Trade Fair

SabaSaba Trade fair wins when it comes to the number of people who show up for the event. As a seller or exhibitor of any kind, the masses attending the trade fair are an attractive element. According to an official catalogue that was published in 2014, around 220,000 people attended the fair. That can translate into huge revenue for exhibitors.

2. Number of countries and exhibitors present

SabaSaba Exhibitors

The trade fair is open to other countries apart from Tanzania. In 2016, the trade fair attracted exhibitors from over 30 countries. Last year, more than 2000 local exhibitors and over 500 foreign exhibitors took part in the 40th DITF. This is indeed, a clear testimony of the increasing popularity of this event and that Tanzania is becoming more international every day.

3. Significance

SabaSaba Trade Fair

This year, it marks its 41 years since its inception and the fair is an important part of history due to its success. It’s the only fair in Tanzania that is hosted in a huge space of approximately 35,000 square meters, with the total site area covering: 160,000 square meters. SabaSaba has an advantage over other fairs since it aims at collaborating with public and private institutions. It provides a unique opportunity for different business stakeholders to exchange views and ideas on trade, especially on the Tanzanian market.

4. Variety Of Products 

SabaSaba Trade Fair

The fair has a wide variety of products from several sectors, with the most popular being: agro-industry, agri-food, building and construction machinery; energy and environment; water treatment and food machines; appliances and household appliances; and the medical field.

5. Amusements for kids and adults

SabaSaba Amusement

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism usually showcases animals from around Tanzania. It’s a good opportunity to see members of the big four; like buffaloes and lions. The Ministry has managed to win the “Best First Banda” award, coming ahead of a group of government institutions that participated in the 37th International Fair of Saba Saba held in 2013. The ministry makes a point of educating people on issues about tourism, wildlife, as well as the sustainable conservation of wildlife.

6. The entertainment

SabaSaba Acrobats

Growing up in Dar es Salaam, we would all look forward to the fair because of the acrobats, men dancing with fire or snakes as well as face painting. Additionally, the fair usually has live bands and artistic performances from artists like Mrisho Mpoto.

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