Phone Accessories That Make Your Life Easier

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Phone Accessories


Having the same mobile phone over a period of time can get boring, try spicing it up with these cool accessories from ZoomTanzania.


Phone Accessories

Earphones stand out as phone accessories that offer you listening options. How else do you escape the noisy world to create your own haven of soothing music? Earphones are great for listening to music on the go, catching up on some audio books, or watching a full movie or series on the plane. They also come in handy when driving and you have a need to answer important phone calls. Nowadays, you can also get stylish earphones to accentuate your fashion and style outlook.

2. Phone Cases

Phone Accessories

Phone cases are essential for protecting your smartphone from scratches, cracks and other types of damage. In addition, your phone case can complement your style and personality. Get a 3D smartphone case that gives your phone grounded protection from slips especially in cases where your phone takes a fall on hard surfaces. It is entirely up to you to decide whether your phone case will have a floral design, a funny text, or your favourite action hero printed on it; the options are endless.

3.Phone Camera Lenses

Phone Accessories

If you are enthusiastic about photography, smartphone lenses should be top miss in your list of phone accessories. Say you have a beautiful landscape to photograph and you want a wide angle shot, a good camera lens would come in very handy. You could also use one if you want to zoom in on an object or if you want to capture tiny objects or insects. Basically, if you want to add an artistic flair to your images, you definitely need to get a lens for your mobile device.


Phone Accessories

Who would have thought you could one day, answer a phone call straight from your watch? Smart watches can be the ultimate personal assistant to remind you of an upcoming appointment, an event, or the timing of your medications, among other things. You can also pick phone calls, send texts, read emails, or launch your music player straight from your watch. Smartwatches also have cool features like locating your misplaced phone by launching a beep from your watch.

5. Power Bank

Phone Accessories

Power banks are a necessity especially if you travel a lot or if you are a heavy smartphone user. Though modern smartphones are designed to hold power for longer hours, eventually they will run out of juice. A power bank is a backup power source you can rely on when you are not close to a charging point. You do not have to miss out on important phone calls or cut your music short just to save power.

6. Car charger

Phone Accessories

Besides a power bank, you also need a car charger for your phone. It is your backup plan if your power bank runs out or you just need to keep your phone on full power all day. The car charger also doubles as an auxiliary cable to play your favourite music straight from your smartphone while on the road.

7. Fitness Tracker

Phone Accessories

Fitness trackers are often overlooked when it comes to phone accessories. However, there are great to keep track of your fitness record. A fitness tracker is designed to be worn like a bracelet and you hardly notice it while you go about your day. The same tracker will record how many kilometres you walk each day, how many calories you consume, and even monitor your heart rate. Check your health stats for the day on the fitness tracker mobile app to go through your data, set targets and share progress on social media.

8. Bluetooth Speaker

Phone Accessories

Earphones are great for private listening of music. However, if you want to share your amazing playlist with friends, get a Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth speakers are great for breaking the ice when hanging out with new people or even at your workstation. When you have good music in the background either at home or at work, it brightens the mood and people become chatty and tend to mingle. The best part? Bluetooth speakers are quite portable, especially for travellers.

9. Virtual Reality Glasses

Phone Accessories

Though considered a luxury, virtual reality glasses are cool accessories to have for an elevated entertainment experience. VR glasses immerse you into the centre of the action; whether you are watching the new blockbuster or catching up on a favourite TV series. Some online videos, like YouTube videos, also support the VR experience; so why not get the glasses while you can?

10. Bluetooth Gamepad

Phone Accessories

Bluetooth gamepads let you transform your smartphone or tablet into a portable gaming console. An extra Bluetooth gamepad means you can invite a friend over for a rematch on FIFA, PES or to cover you while scoping enemy territory in Black Ops. If you do not mind spending the extra money, get Bluetooth gamepads to take your gaming experience on the go.


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