Why You Should Participate in the Rotary Dar Marathon

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Rotary Dar Marathon

The Rotary Dar Marathon 2017 will take place on the 14th of October. The full-day marathon will involve three main activities namely running, cycling, and walking. The proceeds from the marathon all go to a clinic in Comprehensive Community-Based  Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT). Everyone, from the young to the old, is welcome to participate in the marathon. Here are some quick facts about the Rotary Dar Marathon.

Rotary Dar Marathon Categories

This year’s circuit kicks off at Toure Drive and Kenyatta Drive. Participants have to choose between running, walking or cycling. Those running the marathon have to choose between the 42km and 21km circuits. Participants registering for the walk can choose between the 9km or 5km circuit. For the cycling race, marathon participants have the liberty of choosing between the 42.2km and 21.1km circuits.

Race Checklist

If you are running the 42.2km marathon, you have to be 18 years and above to register. The 42.2km run will flag off at 5 am, at Toure and Kenyatta Drive, and you have to be at the starting point by 4:30 am. Every runner should have a race number written on a pink BIB; make sure you don’t lose it. Halfway through the race, at Nyerere Bridge, each participant will receive a token which proves you ran the whole circuit to the finish line.

The 21.1km race will flag off at 6:15 am so be at the venue by 5:45 am. Participants will wear a red BIB with their race number on it. The bib has an electronic chip that records the miles you complete in the circuit. The 21.1km running circuit is a shorter one, therefore, there will be no mid-way stops.

For those who are cycling, the 42.2km race will kick off at 6 am. All participants are required to be at least 18 years of age and have a protective helmet throughout the race. Similar to the running marathon, there will be a mid-way stop after Nyerere Bridge. Every cyclist is given a token which they should present at the finish line. Cyclists for the 42.2km will have a purple bib that has their number.

The 21.1km cycling race will flag off at 6 am as well. There is no age limit for this race though cyclists below the age of 15years have to be accompanied by a guardian. Wear protective gear at all times and don’t lose your race number. Participants will receive a green BIB  with their race number on it.

Finally, the walking race will kick off at 7 am for both the 5km and 9km circuits. Those running the 9km stretch will have a blue bib with their number while those on the 5km circuit will have an orange BIB.

Why should you be at The Greens at Kenyatta Drive

Support a Worthy Cause

Rotary Dar Marathon

Charity is a pretty good reason to run so why not participate and help CCBRT meet their purpose. CCBRT assists disabled people and alleviation of the impact of disabilities by providing affordable medical and rehabilitative services and empowers people with disabilities. By participating in the marathon you will help them raise funds for building a clinic.

Get Rewarded with Marathon Goodies

Rotary Dar Marathon

Medals will be given to all marathon runners and top 300 cyclists participating in the 42.2km and 21.1km races. All other marathon participants will receive a Finisher’s certificate at the end of the race. Cash prizes are available as well for this year’s 9th Rotary Dar Marathon 2017.

Top three runners for the 42.2km race will receive cash prizes of Tsh 2million (1st place), Tsh 1.5million (2nd place), and Tsh 1million (3rd place). Top three winners for the 21.1km marathon will receive Tsh 1.5million (1st Place), Tsh 1million (2nd place), and Tsh 750,00 (3rd place).

Need We Mention the Health Benefits?

Rotary Dar Marathon

Running is good for the heart, improves blood circulation and strengthens muscles. Studies also that running does help alleviate psychological issues like depression. You also get to curb those weekly blues by participating in the marathon. Other benefits of running include reduction of breast cancer risk, burning of cholesterol, regulation of sugar levels and stress relief.

You Get Bragging Rights

Rotary Dar Marathon

Accomplishing and completing a marathon is a great milestone. You can value it as a personal victory and achievement. The sense of finishing the kilometres is a great booster of the ego. It is also a great way to take a selfie and show off on social media, hashtag fitness.

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