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Office Electronics

How can you turn your workspace into a smart office? Read on to discover the four inexpensive office solutions that will make your office smarter. One of the rules of creating a smarter office is to reduce clutter. Secondly, you want to tap into the latest technology; to not only make work easy but also stay connected with everything revolving around your business including its security. Below are four investments small businesses can make to achieve an effective working environment.

Wireless Phone

Office Electronics

A wireless phone is what you need to maintain communication with your workers and colleagues and at the same time, not worry about cable management. Just place the phone holder at any point on your desk that will allow you to conveniently pick up the phone whenever it rings. The phone holder doubles up as a charging dock to keep your wireless phone powered at all times.

HP Scanner

Office Electronics

Though we live in a world of cloud computing and sharing, you still need to print hard copies of reports and documents for some stakeholders to look at. A wireless HP scanner and printer is just what you need for the job. You have the freedom to connect several computers to the printer via a wireless network. Anyone from any department can print documents remotely thus eliminating the need for a printing room. In addition, you can also print files from a specific scanner especially when you only want a document to reach a specific person or department.


Office Electronics

A portable projector still comes in handy when making presentations in the boardroom. You can also pack it in a convenient travel bag and make presentations wherever you go. Modern projectors now include inbuilt connection ports to plug in your laptop, smartphone, or USB drive. They can also connect to Wi-Fi networks, allowing you to control the project remotely from any point in a room.



Office Electronics

CCTV surveillance cameras allow you to monitor your business even when you are not around. Modern CCTV system cameras can record videos in 720p quality. In addition, they connect to the internet allowing you to remotely operate them from your cell phone. Now you can not only keep thieves at bay, but you can also monitor your workplace ensuring everyone is busy at work.

You do not have to spend a fortune to make your office space smart. Head over to ZoomTanzania today and start making plans for a smarter and more efficient office.

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