Why More Men Should Embrace No Shave November

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No Shave November

November is here. It is also the month dedicated to men’s health issues. No shave November is a time when men put away their razors aside in support of cancer patients. The cause supports people embracing their hair, which is something cancer patients lose. The term No Shave November became a popular phrase or tradition when a family lost a father to colon cancer in November 2007. The family started using it as a cause to raise money for cancer research. No Shave November is also known as Movember. Movember is coined from Mo, an Australian phrase for moustache. Movember focuses on four particular Men’s Health issues: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health, and physical inactivity.

Why Embrace No Shave November?

The Cause

No Shave November

Cancer is responsible for many deaths globally. One in every six people die from cancer. Medical research also shows that men experience far worse symptoms of cancer and die 6 years earlier than women. Movember was launched to create this awareness and urge men to get checked on a regular basis.

Win the Ladies

No Shave November

Ladies love a man with a mane. If you have been on social media for a while, you have seen the craze around the hashtag #BeardGang. Ladies love the beard. And if you have a spouse or fiancé, no doubts she will enjoy stroking your beard once a while. If your genes do not allow you to spot a beard, no worries, you can still shine in other aspects like mental health and physical activity. Attract the ladies, stay in shape, and continue creating awareness on the issue

Save Time

No Shave November

On the bright side, you get to skip the hassle of a morning trim. This is also a chance to style your beard how you have always wanted or just see how far it can grow. Show up at work rocking a fabulous mane as you stand together with fellow movember males globally.

Get Beard Benefits

No Shave November

Scientifically, a beard can help protect your skin from the sun. Exposed skin is prone to flaking or wrinkling after continuous exposure to the sun. In cold weather, a beard will keep you warm as is scientifically proven by the function of body hair. Lastly, beards can prevent airborne bacteria from reaching your mouth, which is often an onset of throat disease.

Your Skin Will Thank You

No Shave November

Biologically, hair follicle makes the skin breathe better by encouraging perspiration. Rocking a long beard not only makes you look cool with the ladies, but your skin also benefits from the regulated temperature.

Participate Now

You can challenge yourself this November and actually donate your proceeds to the Tanzania Cancer foundation or you could join the movement on Facebook. Feel free to mention other people who are doing the Movember or No Shave November Challenge in the comment section

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