Maternity Clothes: How to Dress for Your Baby Bump

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Pregnancy is one the most beautiful things that can happen to a woman. However, the process of growing a baby in one’s body can put a lot of physical strain on women. During pregnancy, many women experience body changes like bloating, swollen feet, morning sickness, swollen faces, and a constantly growing belly. As a result, many pregnant women feel the urge to dress in oversized clothes like diras (large kaftans) in effort to hide their growing body. However, what this tends to do is make them look bigger than they are, and also kill their personal style.

It doesn’t help that Tanzanian culture encourages women to dress in loose-fitting and often unflattering garments during pregnancy. As if just because they are pregnant there is no need for them to look good! Fortunately, there are women (especially celebrities like Zari and Lulu) who have maintained their sense of style throughout their pregnancies and are setting the trend for other women to do the same. Moreover, there are also dozens of maternity clothing stores all over Tanzania with beautiful garments made to comfortably fit pregnant women without compromising on style.

However, there are still too many women out there who choose to dress down their baby bump, when in reality they should be dressing it up! So for those ladies, here’s how you dress with style while pregnant.

1. Embrace your shape

While the body insecurities that may come with gaining weight while pregnant are understandable, there is no clothing item or accessory that can make women look better than confidence. So,  instead of trying to cover the baby bump with baggy clothes, women should embrace and show off their pregnant bodies.

Now, we are not suggesting that you wear a mini-skirt and tight top (but you can if your feel like it), instead, we recommend that you dress in clothes that fit your body. In the first trimester, your old clothes probably still fit you, so you can continue to wear the clothes you have. But once you start showing more in the second and third trimester, then you should invest in maternity clothes like dresses, jeans and flowy tops that will still show off your figure without making you feel uncomfortable.

2. Stick to your original style

Just because you are pregnant, does not mean that you have to abandon your personal sense of style. The secret to maintaining your style while pregnant is to simply find the maternity version of what you like to wear. However, if you are in your first trimester you can probably still wear your regular clothes. Moreover, there are some regular clothing items like flowy dresses and tops, and even stretchy cotton dresses that can properly fit you throughout your pregnancy.

So, if you like dresses, you can continue to wear dresses. And if you like jeans, you can also continue to wear jeans – just find a maternity pair that fits you well and keeps you comfortable.

3.     Accessories are your best friend

In general, accessories are always a great way to jazz up an outfit – even more so when you are pregnant. At times it may be challenging to find maternity clothes that fully encompass your personal style, but, accessories can help you improve an outfit and do so.

Nevertheless, accessories like scarves and jewelry will complement your outfit while also distracting people from parts of your body that you are uncomfortable with. For example, if you are insecure about how big your belly is then a show-stopping necklace will draw people’s eyes away from the bottom half of your body and to your top half.

4.     Get a great pair of jeans

Jeans are a staple wardrobe item for women, and this doesn’t change when you are pregnant. You can style jeans for both casual and formal occasions, making them an incredibly useful clothing item to own when pregnant. However, as the belly grows, jeans can get quite uncomfortable unless you invest in a good pair of stretchy maternity jeans.

Remember, you don’t have to wear loose and baggy jeans (unless you like them). They can be any style you like including, skinny jeans, ripped jeans and bootleg. If you are comfortable and feel good in them, then you will look surely look good also.

5.     Look great with little effort in a wrap dress

Wrap dresses are flattering on any shape and look super cute! But the best part about them is that they are incredibly easy to put on and comfortable to walk around in  throughout the day.

If you want to accentuate your bump then opt for brighter and livelier colors. Which brings us to the next point.

6. Say yes to bright colors

Pregnant women (and women in general) believe that dressing in darker colors will make them look slimmer. While this is true, and items like a little black dress make women of all sizes look classy and chic, there is no need to completely avoid bright colors during pregnancy.

In fact, bright colors like yellow and orange help emphasize the natural glow that many pregnant women have. So wearing a beautiful sunny dress or top can make a pregnant woman truly stand out and shine.

Look better than you feel

Being pregnant is a special time in many women’s lives, and while you may not always feel good you can definitely look your best if you stick to your personal style and find clothes that compliment rather than hide your body!


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