Maintain Your Car Battery with These 6 Easy Steps

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If you have a car you must be aware of the importance of maintaining your car battery.

Like a human heart pumps blood and oxygen throughout the body, a car battery provides your vehicle with the electricity it needs to start and run.

However, instead of regularly checking our car battery, many of us wait until we get your car serviced or our car stops working to check our car battery.

Luckily, it’s possible to avoid the headache of your car stopping and you getting stranded on the side of the road by simply making the habit of regularly checking your car battery. Moreover, while there are times when it’s important to use a mechanic, you don’t need a professional to check your car battery for you each time.

Even the least technologically savvy person can learn to maintain their own car battery and avoid the costs and inconvenience of a faulty battery. Here’s how:


1.     Just in case you don’t know what the battery looks like, it is the large lead box with a plastic cover located in the car bonnet (hood).

2.     Depending on the type of your battery, inspect the fluid level of the battery by pulling the caps and the water should just touch the bottom of the battery’s refill hole. Check the water every 2 to 3 months.

3.     Remove the battery’s connectors from the terminals and rub with a wire brush and baking soda mixed with distilled water to clean them. It is recommended to clean the battery’s terminal every 6 to 8 months.

4.     Coat the battery with multipurpose grease to shield it from rust and corrosion.

5.     Whenever your car service is due or gets an oil change, ask the mechanic to check your battery’s voltage level. A fully charged battery will have a voltage of 12.5 to 12.6 volts.

6.     Taking your car for regular servicing is a no brainer. This is the best way to maintain your car’s battery and the whole functionality of the car.

A healthy start is worth the investment

While maintaining your car battery is important, ensuring that you have a good battery to start with will greatly influence the health of your car. Your efforts will be useless if you have a sub-standard battery, so, in addition to developing the habit of regularly maintaining your car, also invest in the best battery you can afford. Remember, you car battery is the heart of your vehicle, without it, you can’t run your car. It’s priceless.

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