Simple Tips and Tricks to Maintain Your Mobile Phone

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Maintain Your Mobile Phone

A mobile phone has become a necessary tool to support our daily activities. New models are released each year and their prices keep rising, so it can be a painful experience when you have to replace your phone after using it for a short while. It is costly to buy a cell phone every now and then, hence the importance to maintain your mobile phone. Without proper care and maintenance, your phone won’t run at its best and it may be costly later. Here are tips to maintain your mobile phone to avoid unnecessary costs of buying a new one.

1. Cover it with Case and Screen Protector

maintain mobile phone screen protector and case

One of the worst feelings is dropping your phone and shattering its screen. It happens, and with some mobile phones, there is no guarantee you will be able to get them fixed. Although some screens are made of a tough material such as Gorilla glass that prevents scratches and repels dust and dirt. A screen protector and case will keep your screen together if you drop the phone.

2. Protect Your Battery and Use  An Original Charger

A mobile phone and its battery are like our bodies and food. The way you charge your device will have a notable impact on the life of its battery. With the new mobile phone batteries, most of which are not removable hence more difficult to replace once destroyed. To protect them, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, including using the original chargers and cables. You should ensure to:

  • Charge your phone before it runs down completely
  • Ensure it runs down fully once in a while
  • Restarting your phone from time to time
  • Turning off the phone to let it cool down if it overheats

3. Remember to Save Your Power

maintain mobile phone screen protector and case save your power battery

It is important to check your settings every time you are not using your phone so as to keep it from draining faster than necessary. It can ruin your day when you don’t have means to charge it on the go. Here are a few things you can do to save your battery energy:

  • Close background apps
  • Check your settings to reduce the brightness
  • Put your phone into battery saver mode

4. Keep it Clean and Updated

There are lots of stuff that choke up your phone and slow it down. They include junk files that take up processing power which can be useful at different moments. You can avoid this by regularly checking through and clearing out unnecessary files.

  • Caches
  • Photos, videos and Apps
  • Downloads

If you want to keep your files for long-term, you can choose to move your photos, videos, and other files into cloud-based storage – such as iCloud and Google Drive. Furthermore, too much dust can lead to overheat and affect your phone’s performance. Choose to open the case of your phone every now and then to get rid of the dust. For your mobile operating system and apps, make sure you are always running the latest version. This is important as it helps to add new and smooth functionalities, cut down on resource usage and guard against malware.

5. Beware of Extreme Weather and Use Professional Repairs

maintain mobile phone beware of extreme weather

Extreme hot or cold can easily destroy your phone’s motherboard. Keep your phone away from moist and extreme heat environments as well as corrosive liquids. If your phone is ever exposed to water, take it to a professional repair shop where it can be properly disassembled and dried properly. Do not attempt to disassemble it, this may make things worse than they actually are. You might also void the warrant of repairing it and you may even fail to reassemble it. If you are not confident or trained to fix it,  take the phone to a professional repair shop.

Although mobile phones don’t have the actual expiry dates, their chipset and other hardware may not be able to handle a load of new improved Operating Systems. This will slow down your phone no matter how hard you try to maintain it. If it is time buy a new one, you can try to check and compare best deals of mobile phones that will suit your needs.

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