Mahale Mountains National Park : Facts, Features and More

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Like its neighbour Gombe, Mahale Mountains National Park is a chimpanzee sanctuary with a population of over 1,000. In addition to chimpanzees, you can also find yellow baboons, red colobus, red-tailed, vervet monkeys bushbabies, bush-pigs, bushbuck, blue duiker, civet, hyrax and white-tailed mongoose in the park. Moreover, bordered by Lake Tanganyika to the west, over 250 different species of fish have been found here.

Mahale Mountains National Park : Facts, Features and More


1,613 sq km (623 sq mi).


Western Tanzania, bordering Lake Tanganyika.


Getting to: 
Take a charter flight from Arusha, Dar or Kigoma. Or a national park motorboat from Kigoma, which will take three to four hours.


Best time to visit: 
Dry season (May-October) is best for forest walks although no problem in the light rains of October/ November.

Accomodation & Services



Why should you visit?

The area is also known as Nkungwe, after the park’s largest mountain, held sacred by the local Tongwe people, and at 2,460 metres (8,069 ft) it is the highest of the six prominent points that make up the Mahale Range.

And while chimpanzees are the star attraction, the slopes support a diverse forest fauna and array of colourful forest birds. Also present but harder to find are buffalo, elephant, giraffe, leopard, lion, porcupine and various types of antelope.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your safari now!

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