A Look At The Digital Age In Africa

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Digital Age

Technology is now an important conversation in board rooms, schools and governments. Now more than ever, companies are working hard to move with technological trends. In this digital era, technology is changing the way we live and interact. The word paperless is now a common phrase, back then one could have never imagined mobile money transactions or ease of bank transactions via the use of a mobile phone.According to data by the consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, the value of money transactions in Sub Saharan Africa is estimated to exceed $1.3 billion by 2019.Currently, Tanzania has 16 million subscribers with over Tsh 50 billion mobile money transactions in 2016-17.

Digital Age

Mobile transactions are not the only thing that is changing how Africa is revolutionizing, farming is changing drastically with the influence of technology. About 70% of food produced in Tanzania comes from rural small-scale farmers. In the digital age, technology is helping solve farming issues such as weather prediction and agricultural tips with the help of value added services like Tigo Kilimo which are making guesswork disappear by providing up-to-date information on weather prediction and agricultural practices on crop production. For a long time, farmers had struggled with the problem of the lack of reliable agricultural information to assist their crop production. Luckily, technology is changing all this by solving the challenge of farmers to help improve their farming. By tapping to the fast growing mobile phone penetration in Tanzania, service providers such as Tigo have managed to help tackle farmer’s challenges by using mobile value added services.

Many people are taking control of the digital age by revolutionizing how they work, how they do business on the continent. Here are some examples of ways in which the digital age is reshaping Tanzania.

Print Media

Digital Age

Tanzanians newspapers have always faced the challenge of getting their print material beyond the urban centres. The lack of proper infrastructure like roads meant getting newspapers to the rural outskirts would escalate the cost of production. However,  technology has found a way of solving this by providing newspapers online via M-paper. M-paper is a mobile app that has reached over 40,000 users and boasts a roster of over 46 newspaper brands. M-paper is currently exclusive to android users who make the majority of mobile phone users in Tanzania.


Digital Age

Technology has helped improve the effectiveness of education initiatives such as online learning platforms, now a reality. Learning is becoming affordable and easier to reach more students.To curb the shortages of teachers and textbooks, online platforms like Shule Direct help fix education related challenges.Shule Direct is an initiative born out of social entrepreneurship and the ability to tap into the digital resources. The initiative aims to solve the problem of shortage of teaching staff in schools. Shule Direct delivers the necessary learning material to students through a comprehensive online platform. Students can do research on coursework, read ahead of their teacher, and even sit for revision exams on their desktop computers.


Digital Age

It seems that gone are the days when one would drop their CVs in offices, in the digital age job seekers are now uploading CVs on their website and app so that they can get recruited. BrighterMonday Tanzania has a free app makes it easier and faster to find jobs. Employers also stand to benefit from BrighterMonday by advertising jobs, CV screening and recruitment consulting.E-recruiting is a time and resource saving aspect the digital age has brought.


Digital Age

In this age, businesses stand to gain a better advantage in terms of reach,  physical setups, operational costs and finding products. Companies like ZoomTanzania that focus on horizontal classified ads have managed to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers.In websites like ZoomTanzania, sellers can post a listing and buyers can easily spot what they want via the ZoomTanzania website. Consumers in Tanzania have a shopping experience in the comfort of their homes by browsing through ZoomTanzania.

As technology remains to be the driver of most business transformations, what changes can you see in your sector?

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