Know What Entrepreneur Type You Are?

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Entrepreneur Type

Self-awareness as an entrepreneur will help you know your strengths, your weaknesses and basically guide you towards a better understanding of your brand. When you understand your entrepreneurship persona, it takes you closer to your goals and makes it easier to identify certain gaps that exist. There are different types of entrepreneurs. It’s time to find out which category you belong to.

1. The  Innovative Thinker

Entrepreneur Type Innovative entrepreneurs are game changers. They are able to come up with fresh ideas and strategies for their business niche that keep them ahead of the pack. Innovative business owners are quick to notice a problem in the society and try to solve it, often profiting from their efforts. They are the economic leaders of a country and the real game changers. A  good example of an innovative thinker is Steve Jobs, creator of the iPhone.

2. The Copy Cat

Entrepreneur Type

Imitating entrepreneurs copy the ideas of those who precede them. They cannot come up with their own unique ideas because the environment they live in, or conditions put in place, do not favour the ability to be innovative. Therefore, imitating entrepreneurs have to copy the ideas of others, repackage these ideas, and sell them as their own.   A lot of imitative entrepreneurs are found in countries with poor industrial development or sanctions that bar entry into the business market.  An example of imitative entrepreneurs is shopping complexes developing in the same area and all same similar items.

3. The Procrastinator

Entrepreneur TypeHow long does it take you to start on a new business idea? If you excessively mull over ideas and put off implementing, it is highly likely that you are a Fabian entrepreneur. Fabian entrepreneurs rarely implement any idea or put that new skill they learnt to immediate use unless their existence is threatened. Most actions they take is often a last minute resort to save their presence in a given market.

4. The Complacent Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur TypeDoes your business profit from the effort of other businesses? Are you okay with being a follower rather than a leader of your economic niche? Such complacency is defined as drone entrepreneurship. Drone entrepreneurs are often driven by the existing economic currents. They seldom tap into new technology to improve their business as they are content about the losses they may suffer from their conservative nature.

5. The Philanthropist

Entrepreneur TypeSocial entrepreneurs are innovative business owners who are more concerned about social issues. They are not driven by profit but the philanthropic urge to solve social issues. Such entrepreneurs inhabit the niches of health, education,  human rights, the welfare of workers, and business development. Jane Goodall is a perfect example of a social entrepreneur.

What are you?

Now that you know what type of entrepreneur you are, feel free to share what you are in the comment section. Also, why not let the world know about your business?

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