How To Dress Like You’re Rich On A Tight Budget

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How you look does mater


While it’s common to hear that ‘looks don’t matter’, your appearance definitely affects how you are perceived. Whether it be in a job interview or social setting, first impressions can determine the relationships with new people you meet. It’s always in your best interest to present the best version of yourself.  How you look is a big part of this presentation and whether you admit it or not, you probably want to be perceived as a well established and sophisticated adult.


While everyone wants to come off as successful and put together, you don’t have to blow all your money in efforts to look rich when you are not. Instead, you can invest in clothes that will communicate wealth and sophistication without making you broke.


But how exactly do you do this?


  1. Clothes that fit well



No matter how expensive a shirt or blazer is, if it doesn’t fit you properly it will make you look shabby and unkempt. On the other hand, clothes that are too tight will make you look cheap. So always make sure that clothes fit you properly, and if they don’t then you can always get them adjusted by a tailor. The final result will totally be worth the effort.


  1. Stick to natural fabrics



The material used in your clothes greatly affects its quality. For instance, blouses that are made out of polyester and nylon automatically look cheaper, than clothes made out of silk and cashmere. So when you shop always go for clothes made out of natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and wool. They may be a little bit more expensive than clothes made out of synthetic fibres, but they last longer and look way better.


  1. Minimalist statement accessories



It’s not a secret that Tanzanians love ‘bling bling’, but the reality is that fake and over the top jewellery can cheapen an outfit. So instead of buying cheap shiny earrings and bracelets, invest in:

  • A leather watch
  • Simple gold earrings
  • Pearl stud earrings
  • A simple ring


While you may feel that this is a bit pricy, you can wear these pieces for years to come with different outfits – so it’s totally worth the investment. Think about it, buying cheap jewellery pieces for TZS 20,000 each month, or investing in one quality watch worth TZS 100,000 that you can wear for years.


  1. Invest in a scent



Our physical appearance is not the only factor that determines how people perceive us. In fact, studies show that our smell affects people’s opinions of us. Cheap perfumes tend to have overpowering smells that fade quickly, so instead, invest in a well established perfume brand (no mchina) that provides a subtle yet noticeable scent to last you all day.


  1. Your shoes matter



While they are all the way at the bottom, one of the first things that people notice is shoes. The rule to having shoes that make you look wealthy is to keep it simple. So, invest in quality shoes made out of leatheror suede in neutral colours. For ladies, you can have your everyday kitten heels in black, and a statement heel in an interesting color or with interesting accents like studs and patterns for a night out.


  1. Iron your clothes



Just as buying an outfit that fits you properly can transform your look from shab to fab, the simple task of ironing your clothes will always upgrade any outfit!


  1. Carry yourself with confidence



The best accessory is confidence, and so if you are happy with who you are that will shine through to other people no matter what you have on! In addition to having the right clothes, make sure to work on your attitude and feeling good about who you are.


Focus on being successful, not just looking it


Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg is known for always wearing the same outfit

Here’s the thing, while investing in how you look will not only affect how you feel about yourself but how others see you, the best way to project success to others, is to well, be successful. In fact, the most successful people in the world, spend less time thinking about how they dress (they usually dress in very simple outfits), and more time working on achieving new goals. So in addition to looking good, you should work hard at your ambitions to truly transform yourself into the person you are currently aspiring to become.

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