6 Homes with Gardens You Should Rent

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Homes With Gardens

When planning to rent a home, you may have several things you have to consider. This includes rent prices, water availability, security, space, and even who your neighbours are. But have you ever considered a home with a garden? Homes with gardens are beautiful and have this appeal to them, but why spend money on a home with a garden? There are pros of actually owning a home with a garden. A garden is good for your soul and body, the process of gardening is a good form of physical activity. Studies have shown how gardens create a sense of happiness and calmness to an individual. Garden space can be great for barbeques and parties for family and friends.  Enjoy the benefits of a garden by renting one from these homes in Dar es salaam.


Homes With Gardens

You can rent a beautiful one bedroom with a garden in Mikocheni. Rent prices can start at $350 and it is possible to bargain down to a price that fits your budget. The Mikocheni home garden comes fully furnished and includes amenities like air conditioning, 24-hour security, and your own cabro-paved road.


Homes With Gardens


If you have a family there are plenty of family homes with gardens in Kinondoni. A lavish Kinondoni home garden comes with a master bedroom and two extra rooms for the kids. It is surrounded by a large compound with manicured lawns and flourishing flower gardens. The home is furnished as well and includes amenities like car parking, 24hour security, plenty of water, and even an in-house gymnasium. Rental prices start at $500.


Gardens With Gardens

Oysterbay is one of the lavish neighbourhoods in Dar es Salaam. A four bedroom would go for $3000 a month and includes plenty of amenities to make your stay comfortable. It comes with 3 bathrooms and an indoor pool for a fun weekend with family. The compound is quite large as well and fits a garden big enough to do a mini refreshing stroll every morning as you enjoy the serenity. You also get a servants’ quarters and backup generator.



Homes With Gardens

Masaki is another posh neighbourhood line with several garden houses. A 4-bedroom home renting at $4000 comes with a large compound as well with plenty of space in the garden for kids to play or picnic. The house can be furnished or unfurnished depending on what you are looking for. Amenities include an indoor pool, shaded parking lot, backup generator, and servant residence.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to an executive home going for $4200 a month in the same neighbourhood. You get an elegantly styled home with a pristine in house garden and swimming pool. The house is semi-furnished, air-conditioned and has plenty of spacious rooms to house a large family. A shaded parking lot and servant quarters is included.


Homes With Gardens

In Goba, you can find a luxurious villa going starting from $532. Homes with gardens for this price may well exceed your expectations. They have a spacious compound with a large pool with baby and adult sections. The villa has 4 self-contained bedrooms, 2 guest rooms, and a guest washroom. The pool is surrounded by a lush garden with an ambient outdoor lighting. The entire home compound is paved and includes a stylish servant quarters as well.


Homes With Gardens

Kigamboni has a number of 4 bedroomed houses starting from $800. The house is fully furnished and indoor décor theme is fantastic. In addition, you get kitchen and laundry appliances provided. The entire home is air-conditioned and on a sunny day, you can go out to the garden busk or enjoy a book. More amenities to look forward to including a ceiling gym, private water reserve, aluminium framed windows, and marble tiling.

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