A Guide To Buying Farming Plots in Tanzania

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Farming Plots in Tanzania

Tanzania has about 43 million hectares of cultivable land and only 33% of this has been used. This means there is plenty of farming land to buy and fulfil your dream of starting an agribusiness. This guide should give you insights on what it takes to become a farm owner in Tanzania.

The Right Land

Farming Plots In Tanzania

There is plenty of land everywhere in Tanzania. The cost, location, how arable the soil is, among other things will determine where you decide to put your money. So how do you find farming land in a location of your choice?

You have two main option to consider; either search for online classified ads or hire a land agent. Online classified ads are one of the sure ways of getting land for cultivating. You have a list of possible options to scroll through and identify the offers that work for you. In addition, there is plenty of information offered about each piece of land to help decide whether to buy it or not.

The other option would be to hire a land agent to do the search for you. Land agents in Tanzania have a vast knowledge of the real estate market and can help you find a piece of land that meets your needs. Agents are also available to help you with the site inspection and evaluation should you need the service.

However, you have to be careful about who you go to for land advice. A safe bet would be to ask for recommendations from friends or family on credible land agencies you can approach.

Proximity to the Market

Farming Plots in Tanzania

If you plan on becoming a commercial farmer, then the land you buy has to be close to your target market. This helps reduce the cost of transporting inputs to the farm and produce to the market. Being close to the market can even knock out transport expenses altogether especially if vendors are willing to come to the source to get their supplies.

Access to Water

Farming Plots in Tanzania

How easy can you channel water to your farm? Land bought close to a water catchment area like lakes or rivers are ideal. However, you must be prepared to pay a little extra for such convenience. The alternative is to build your own water reserve on the farm which adds to infrastructure costs.

Soil Information

Farming Plots In Tanzania

Soil profile determines how arable the land is. Having knowledge of the type of soil in your farm also determines what kind of crop you will be farming. If there is a specific crop you wish you cultivate, then ensure you buy land with soil suitable for that crop. The land should also be located in an area with a conducive climate for farming the said crop.


Farming Plots In Tanzania

How are the roads leading to your farm land like? How much will it cost you to fence the land, lay out irrigation pipes, and install a water pump? What tools and machinery will you need to cultivate and maintain the piece of land? Will you also need to build a storage shelter within the farm where you will be sorting your produce before moving them? The cost of infrastructure should be thought through carefully as you consider to purchase land in Tanzania.

Search For Farming Plots Now

With the above guide, you can easily choose a plot that is right for you. Head over to ZoomTanzania and check out the available land listings.


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