How To Grow Your Business Online

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Grow Your Business Online

Need it, Zoom It

Technology has, to a great extent, changed how business is conducted. Now we embrace e-commerce as an essential way to connect buyers to sellers. Whether have your hair salon, grocery stall, tailoring mart or hoping to sell a phone, we are your go to online marketplace.

Free Package

Grow Your Business Online

Allow us to host your first business classified ad at no cost. In fact, we will give you 10 free non-branded classified adverts for your product or service. On request, we can also generate text-only business listings for you. We give unlimited visibility to your classified ads whilst creating backlinks that lead back to your featured listings.

Entry Package

Grow Your Business

Perhaps you want your clients to see your top adverts whenever they refresh their web pages. Getting an unlimited supply of non-branded classified is the way to go. We boost your ad priority by 10 times and provided 24-hour phone and online support. It also costs a lot less for extra visibility of your prioritized adverts.

Optimum Package

Grow Your Business Online

Now your business has finally hit the ground running. In addition to unlimited classified adverts, we also give your business listings 25 times more visibility. It gets better, we give you 24-hour phone-online support as well as face to face support for your business. It also gets a lot cheaper to top up your ad visibility.

Pro Package

Grow Your Business Online

Do you want to stay ahead of the competition? Do you want your clients to always know about your new product promotion? The pro package is for you. We go the extra mile to increase your classified advert priority; 50 times to be exact. In addition, you get your business page featured, phone and online chat support, and constant face to face support every month.

Mailshots and Banners

Grow Your Business Online

It is possible for your classified ad to reach 100k plus subscribers. We do this for you in three ways. If you have a new product, service, promotion or event you are organizing we will do the email campaign for you. You only need to provide a creative brief and we do the rest.

If you want we can post a mail ad of up to 8 of your products or services, images included. Ensure the product or service is accompanied with high-resolution images. If you want bigger or smaller images in your mailshots, let us know. Also, include a brief description and pricing of the product or service.

Banner ads are a great way to get your client’s attention. We can make your banner ad be the first thing customers see when they visit our website. We position the banner ad either at the top or to the right-hand column of our web page. If your business deals with electronics, car sales, fashion, real estate, or home and living, we will generate the right banner ad for you.

Get Started

It is time to get your business noticed by giving it the boost it needs. Click here to see the full range of products we offer or book your first free priority classified ad.


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