Top Destinations for A Girls Trip in Tanzania

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girls trip tanzania

“It’s on! Where do we meet tomorrow?” These are the magic words to hear after days of planning a girls trip. Although it is a daunting task, planning a fun, easy-going and stress-free trip with your girls is very crucial. It is important to know in advance the activities and nature of the destination you are visiting. This will help you to plan a budget, pack the right attire and make your trip as exciting as it should be.

In Tanzania, there are a number of fun activities and destinations that are perfectly suitable for the girls trip. Here are the top 5.

1. Picnic near the lake, Mountain biking and hiking — Magoroto Forest, Tanga

Magoroto Forest

Magoroto has risen to be one of the must-visit-places for everyone in and outside Tanzania. The tropical rainforest destination with breathtaking views of the mountain and lake has caught the eyes of every trip lover. For a girls trip, it is an ideal place with amazing activities that will catch the attention of your followers on Instagram. Mountain biking, swimming at the lake, hiking and unimaginable sights of Tanga will forever remain in your memories. You can pack lightly because this can be a short day trip depending on your itinerary

2. White sandy Beaches — Nungwi, Zanzibar

Nungwi Beach Zanzibar

Just about 90 minutes drive ride from Stone Town, Zanzibar to find the most magnificent white sandy beaches. Girls trip to these incredible beaches is without doubt one of the most fun ways to enjoy your vacation. A lot of activities to be done include overwater swings, snorkelling and sunset cocktails with seafood. Nungwi beach was named one of CNN’s best beaches in the World. A 5 days trip will be ideal to explore  Nungwi.

3. Cultural, Wildlife and Wine — Arusha national Parks, Arusha


What’s better than fire camps, wine and wild nights in the middle of nowhere?  Arusha is one of those places in Tanzania where that makes you feel like you are in a different country. The weather, multiracial culture and campfires at night sipping wine will surely define a memorable time for you and your girls.

To start updating your Instagram feed, you can choose to have a day trip by walking along the famous Arusha Clock Tower and Cultural Heritage Centre. You will need two or three days to explore the beauty of wildlife and campfires at night. Then you can rest for a few hours in the small tents accompanied by the wild sounds and fresh air. These are definitely memories that will remain on your diary.

4. Shopping, clubbing and crazy nights — Dar es Salaam

Shopping at dar-es-Salaam

There is no place for shopping, clubbing and crazy nights like Dar es Salaam. It is the perfect spot to grab your girls and go shop at City centre and Mlimani City shopping mall during the day. For the best experience, you might need a private car at night. It’s such a fun to move from one club to another changing the taste of the  rhythm and music from Live Bands, Reggae to Bongo Flava. Late night magical moments and cocktails at rooftop bars and lounges at the city centre like High Spirit Lounge that has a harbour and Indian Ocean view.

5. Forget everything and Go back home as new – Lake Tanganyika, Kigoma

Forget everything at Lake-Tanganyika

Even though it’s a long distance from every major city in Tanzania, Lake Tanganyika is the place to go. If you are planning to forget everything and start afresh, you need to pack your stuff, call your girls and decide how you would like to travel. Whether by train, bus or air. It depends on how tired to you want to feel when arrive at Kigoma.

There are amazing budget and luxury hotels with breathtaking views of Lake Tanganyika, including the private Lupita Island with private cruise boats and an airstrip to give you memorable visit.

Are you looking to plan a trip with your girls? You can start by checking out Travel and Tour Guides that will help you plan the trip. Happy planning

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