Valentines Gifts To Avoid

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Gifts not to buy

As Valentine’s day is around the corner, and all you can think of is getting the right gift for your partner. The question is are you buying the appropriate gift which will melt their heart or are they going to like it. Here is the list of gifts you shouldn’t buy for Valentine’s day.

Home Appliances

Gifts not to buy


Getting her home appliances or cleaning equipment, it’s like basically asking or reminding her that she needs to do her chores. Nothing is less romantic than a new microwave or a new mopper. No matter how many good deals are out there with home appliances opt for something personal which will be more romantic and thoughtful.

Fitness Equipment or Gym Membership

Gifts not to buy


Unless your partner is a personal trainer or an athlete, but if not this is something you should avoid getting her. Most women are very self-conscious about their bodies, you practically sending her a message that she needs to get her body together, which she might not take it very well. Instead opt for Spa date together which will be more romantic.

Gift Cards

Gifts not to buy


Valentines Day isn’t about expressing yourself. Giving the one you love a gift card naturally says you have taken the safe and easy option. It’s also an acutely impersonal gift. Try to think outside of the box and buy your special one something individual and that will bring a meaning.


Gifts not to buy

There is a big reason to why clothes is not a perfect gift. Whether you choose something too small or too big, you’re likely to offend your Valentine either way. Sometimes you might get her something she doesn’t like and she might feel obligated that she needs to wear it to make you happy. The perfect thing to do would be is to avoid buying her clothes altogether and think of something else.

Stuffed Animals

Gifts not to buy

Giving your partner a stuffed animal can be cute but it doesn’t exactly scream maturity and it’s actually not as romantic as you think it will be. It’s highly recommended you upgrade your gift giving scale and look for something a little more grown-up and more personal.


Gifts not to buy

Don’t go home empty handed, doing absolutely nothing for your partner on Valentine’s Day is the worst thing you could possibly do. Give her something anyway, it doesn’t have to be big or extravagant. It can either be something small or a personalised. It’s the thought that matters.


Elizabeth Nyimbo