What Does The Future Smart Home Look Like?

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Smart Home

Love or hate it,  the internet of things is changing how we live, play and interact. As far as the 21st century goes we have seen driverless cars, first robot citizens and even face identification scanners. Internet of things is invading our homes too. The future shows how homes will be able to do more than just give us shelter. Here are some of the future smart home predictions.


Take An Extra Mile With Artificial Intelligence

This year we’ve seen artificial intelligence give us AI-enabled devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home. These devices play music, answer questions and make the hands-free experience possible. These AI assistants are convenient for TV commands and managing remote control functions. Imagine walking into your home after a long day all tired, you say, “Lights on” and your living room lights turn on, then as you walk through the hallway and to your room all the lights switch on automatically as you pass by. You get to your room and you say, “Turn on the heater” you get into the shower and automatically warm water starts to wash away your stress. After that you sit in your living room and you say, “Play Stranger Things on Netflix,”  and just like that you’re Netflix and chilling. This is how advanced AI is becoming. It goes further,companies like Moley have been working on a domestic robot that can replicate hand gestures and cook. The chef robot is expected to launch in 2018. So the future definitely looks promising for the home.


We Will Cure Diseases At Home

World Economic Forum posted an article claiming “Goodbye Hospitals, Hello Home-spital”. Medical technology will continue to disrupt, homes will become more equipped to handle disease prevention and cure them. This is becoming possible by the growing wave of medical advances. As of now, several wearable techs can monitor patients’ health from afar. Technology will minimize hospital visits, patients will simply receive doctors consultations by a phone call. Hospitals will be more of pit stops. As it is through a smartphone and virtual glasses a patient can get help. A Dutch company, VisitU makes live doctor-patient contact possible with a 360-degree camera at the patient’s home.Imagine what the future will unfold?


More Energy Saving Focused Homes

With the increase of extremely smart gadgets and technology, the demand for energy will skyrocket meaning electric bills may be off the hook. Smart Homes of the future will command more clean and efficient energy. Predictions show homes will be automated according to your preferences and monitoring. Think of a home where the sprinklers will only go on when it isn’t raining or lights that brighten up only when you need them. Skyscrapers or apartments of the future will be made of recyclable materials such as wood and recycled cement. Home windows of the future will be able to generate electricity from the sun.The smart home will make homes more environmentally conscious.

More Intelligent Appliances

This August 2017 at the IFA exhibition,a revolutionary cooker was introduced. The cooker can fully cook a fish frozen within an ice-block without melting the ice block via electromagnetic waves. For now, sophisticates appliances such as this are still luxury goods meant for the wealthy and professionals. However, over the coming years, we should expect them to trickle down to consumers as this has always been the trend. It happened with high-end computers, it happened with vehicles and now it’s going to happen with home appliances.

Security and Surveillance Will Get Better

If you’ve watched a James Bond movie then you must have wondered if all those awesome gadgets actually exist, they do! As technology gets smarter it’s truly frightening what it can achieve. However, you can take comfort in the increasingly advanced home defences available. Automatic alarms that call the police when an intruder is detected and not your tree branch when it’s windy or your pet. Motion sensitive infrared cameras that can see in the dark are just the beginning. It is quite clear that over the coming years as technology advances it’ll continue to produce terrifying weapons but also awesome defence systems.

Is Your Current Home Smart Enough?

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