Fun and Educational Electronics For Kids

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Electronics For Kids

Keeping a child occupied is one of the toughest parts of being a parent; especially since kids have a short attention span. Good thing is that there are gadgets that make parenting easy as they spark your child’s interest to explore and learn at the same time. Here are some electronics that will nourish your child’s curiosity and learning needs,  as well as keep them occupied.

Educational Toy Tablet

Electronics For Kids

We live in a world where kids are kept busy by iPads or Galaxy tablets. Rather than have your child staring at the tab all day; watching YouTube videos, how about getting them a learning tablet to teach them English language, arithmetic and simple logic? The English Educational Toy Tablet, for instance, comes with a host of lessons for learning English. Everything is conveniently organized within an on-screen app and all your child has to do is tap and learn. This educational child tablet teaches your child to correctly pronounce words in English, how to spell correctly and how to master the alphabets.

Spy Glasses

Electronics For Kids

Kids love adventure and playing secret agent. With a pair of spy glasses, they can sink into their own detective world of unravelling their own little mysteries. These spy glasses are capable of recording 720p quality video and even take snaps on the go. They have a microSD slot that is carefully concealed but facilitates the transfer of videos and images to a storage device or computer. An inbuilt USB slot allows for convenient charging of the glasses before you take them out for adventure.

Surveillance Mini Tank

Electronics For Kids

The Surveillance 777-270 I Spy Mini Tank is a great surveillance tool to monitor a toddler’s movement around the house. Alternatively, your child would love to drive this tank down tunnels; hunting for squirrels. This mini tank packs a 0.3mp camera that can take both photos and videos. It also has Wi-Fi connectivity; allowing you to control the tank remotely to a distance of 18 meters. No more following that adventurous crawling baby around the house, follow them with this tank and let their curiosity lead them back within the range of your careful watch.

Baby Stroller with Music

Electronics For Kids

This baby walker stroller not only helps your child with their first step but also keeps them entertained while at it. In fact, this music baby walker plays tunes to teach your child about shapes, numbers, and even colours. Whenever your baby stops for a break, they can get curious about a button, press it, and voila! There is music playing. The baby stroller powers on with AAA batteries and is portable enough for your kid to interact with it anywhere.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Film Camera

Electronics For Kids

This little Polaroid camera is the perfect tool to help your children develop a fundamental interest in photography. It comes in two colours, grape and raspberry; making it ideal for both boys and girls. Let your child learn the basics of photography like exposure, focusing or shutter speed as they hone their skills at framing and taking beautiful pictures on the go.

Spoil Them

As kids are exposed to technology in its many forms, it is important to let them use these gadgets in a healthy manner. Set time limits on usage and encourage face-to-face time with family and friends.

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