Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30: Tips From Our Own

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Forbes Africa's 30 under 30

Things You can learn from these Entrepreneurs

Every year, Forbes Africa features young individuals shaping Africa in their “30 Under 30” list. Ancillar Mangena, the Forbes Africa journalist who leads the “30 Under 30” picks out the individuals by spending months looking into their lives and businesses. The nominees are required to have been in business for more than two years and invested  their own money. The forbes list is a symbol that supports  the phrase “Africa is now” owing to the  ability of those listed being the driving force of the continent.

Four Tanzanians featured in this year’s Forbes 30 under 30 are Upendo Shuma (28) Jokate Mwegelo (30), Harun Elias (25) and Godfrey Magila (25), This is what you can learn from them;

1.Turn Your Savings Into investments

Jokate Mwegelo

Jokate Mwegelo was able to start her business “Kidoti Company’’ using her personal savings and a soft loan from Mohammed Dewji, Tanzania’s only billionaire. The company designs and manufactures synthetic hair extensions, sandals and bags.The company managed to roll out 60,000 hair pieces in the market and is hoping to increase production once a local factory is established. Jokate understands the importance of giving back that is why she launched ‘Be Kidotified’ a campaign which empowers young girls by building sports facilities in public schools, and promoting education and entrepreneurship. One such drive is ’Msusi Wao’, a competition aimed at empowering street hairdressers and also connects hairdressers to financiers and customers.

2. Curiosity and Research Go a Long Way 

Godfrey Magila

Godfrey Magila, the (Insert age at the time of winning) year old who taught himself coding and won $200 at a countrywide hackathon, is an inspiring example of how curiosity can change your destiny. The prize he won came with a mentoring program that exposed him to tech entrepreneurship which ultimately changed his general view on life. In 2012, he launched his software development and security auditing company called Magilatech. His company launched Tigobackup, a mobile security application performing full content backup on a mobile device and antitheft commands. 3,600 lost and stolen devices have been recovered via the Tigobackup. The tech company has prestigious clients like Airtel, Vsomo, Maxcom, Selcom and DayOne Softcom.

3.Social Media Advertising is an Asset

Upendo Shuma

Smart business create buzz around their brands and products.  Upendo Shuma understood this concept well when she started Lavie Makeup Studio. She relied on social media to help attract her clients. She got more clients and even celebrities by advertising her work through Instagram. Her Instagram following is of about 172,000 followers which is why she has able to attract a large group of customers. Lavie Makeup Studio manages 40 to 60 brides per month during peak season and 20 to 30 brides when business is slow. Upendo has developed her product line that has sold 3,000 pieces since 2015.

4. Boldness is Everything 

Harun Elias

Boldness is a key ingredient especially when one wants to make it. Harun Elias, founder of  Javis International Trade Co a global supplier of transport and trade solutions, is the true definition of boldness. Elias started his company with half his school fees and rent money to pay for an office, and his pocket money to cover office expenses. His first employees, from Tanzania and China, worked with no pay for four months. Eventually, he was able to hire 40 people, 27 in Tanzania and 23 in China. In 2016, Elias made a whopping $9 million from his transport and trade solutions business.

Overnight Success is a Myth

People who make it to the Forbes list are individuals who are driven. It is important to understand that successful entrepreneurs do not wait for handouts but focus on creating impact in Africa. As you can note, the members listed above are from diversified fields of business from technology, hair and beauty to import and export companies. Feeling inspired? Why not start your own business and reach a wider audience at Zoom Tanzania.

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